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Maine Makerspace
Make it.. or Make it Better!
Make it.. or Make it Better!


We have been building a group of Makers interested in forming a Makerspace here in Maine. With over 50 members on our Facebook group, it’s time to start discussing how to move this project forward.

Hopefully by summer of 2014 we can locate a small physical space to call our home. We can then work on building tools, getting a bank account, soliciting some donations, working towards group and individual projects, holding public ‘maker days’ to teach the public what the Maker scene is all about.

It’s time to move from the Building Interest Stage to the Planning Stage. If you are interested in being involved, join our Facebook Group.
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I disabled ‘member signup’ on our website. It was getting filled with spam-bots and it is not really needed right now. Join our Facebook group to get updates and to keep in the loop.

I also cleaned up a bunch of project posts that we have been doing. We will keep put up only projects that are created by or are collaborated on by our members. To post, read or discuss other projects, as well as member projects, we will use

If you have suggestions for the website, let me know
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Maine Makerspace aims to sustain a member operated Makerspace within the central Maine area.

The goal of this Makerspace is bring in makers, builders, tinkers, artists, dreamers, and doers; together under one roof to form a Makerspace.

By bringing together these people a common place can be established to meet and discuss ideas, explore various technical endeavors, and communicate these thoughts with individuals from various backgrounds.

Ultimately we seek to further our knowledge as individuals and as a group by learning what we can from each other.
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