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Free e-book
Some years back, I wrote a book called  Nikolai .  Things have changed, and  Nikolai  was looking a little dated. So with the aid of Gabriel Belthir, I rewrote  Nikolai , changing things I had never been happy with and setting up for the forthcoming books. ...

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Day 20.1
It's been close to a week since i posted. It's because it's been a really slow week, mostly. And i talked to Master about everything, so it felt redundant to put it in the journal. i'm so angry right now, i could chew rebar and spit nails. i fucking hate fi...

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Day 14.1
i'm actually on break for the weekend, outside of writing and doing basic publicity maintenance. The main thrust of today is Sinister! It's a goth club that springs into being every so often, as though on the back of a giant turtle. Within its walls live mu...

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The Deadly Ninja Sewing Circle sprung a leak, and collects some gorgeous pictures in dedication of Steampunk month! Don't forget the anthology call expires at the end of February - reprints welcome. 

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The third installment of the free serial for Steampunk Month here at the Inky Suki airship. If you've missed the last few installments, don't forget to read up! The exciting conclusion will wrap up February! 

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Day 13.1
The last few days have been a rush. i hit a manic and went super-productive. For those just tuning in, i'm a manic depressive. It's a strange place, but it's home. i had a unique perspective on my manic this time. It lasted for 2 days and i not only felt ve...

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Day 10.2
As a crown and caveat to the day, i finally got the last of the detritus for The Beast within done! i am having celebratory beer. Well, Bud Light and Clammato, which is also GOD. squees

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Day 10.1
Got a headache today. Didn't feel like going grocery shopping, so it'll wait. The Husbear cleaned out the bank account again anyway. i swear he has the money management skills of a toddler. i never want to hear again that anyone but me should keep track o...

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Day 9.1
Today was a busy one. i woke up at 6:45 a.m. and got straight to work. i didn't stop until 7 pm. Then, a bit of Numbers, and then online for a little bit. Master had D&D tonight. He was mildly impaired when He got home, or so i'm told. So...i got online, an...

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Day 8.1
So, Master gave me permission to skip the last few days. Firstly, we had a long talk re: the last post, and then yesterday was review day. Master offered me his collar, and i accepted. The scene the Husbear promised me never happened. In fact, he hasn't eve...
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