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Mad Labs
Whether it is a plot to rule the world, the desire to build
a race of atomic supermen, or the desperate search for a personal cure, every deranged
scientist must have a laboratory that reflects his madness. Here is a gallery
of fearsome locations where scie...

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Karloff - King of the Monsters
In a career that spanned five decades, Boris Karloff amassed
over 200 acting credits. During the peak of his popularity in the 1930s, he was
given top billing using only his last name. It became synonymous with thrills,
chills and horror. Fans of the genre ...

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This Korean horror film is Zombies on a Train. Don’t think “Snakes
on a Plane,” which basically had just the title going for it; that and, of
course, Sam Jackson. This movie is much more than that. And even though zombies
are everywhere in today’s horror ma...

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Horror GIF Gallery
Here is a gallery of some cool horror GIF files. At least
one image is not from a horror film. All are from different titles except for
one that I couldn’t help doubling up on. Some are old, some are new. Some are classic,
some not so much. How many can you...

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Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
The last of the great, straight Universal Horrors was “The Wolf Man”
in 1941. Subsequent films with the Classic Monsters were largely “B” productions
of steadily declining quality. “House of Dracula” in 1945 was the last teaming
until a fading comedy team b...

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The Legend of Hell House (1973)
It’s too bad this 1973 horror movie is generally overlooked
in favor of other classic ghost stories of the same era: Robert Wise’s “The
Haunting” and Jack Clayton’s “The Innocents.” In fact “The Legend of Hell House”
is usually considered to be an inferior ...

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Alexis Ziritt - Artist
Alexis Ziritt is a comic book artist from Venezuela, living with
his family in Florida. I met him several years ago and fell in love with his
art and his two fantastic Luchador creations, Rudo and Titan. The result was a
screenplay titled “Luchadores en el ...

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Last Night (1998)
This is one of those movies that kind of falls through the
cracks. Sometimes you find a film like this that hasn’t been widely seen or
written about and all the sitting patiently through hours of largely
forgettable celluloid seems to have been somehow wort...

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The Science Fiction Pulps
This is the cover for the inaugural appearance of
inter-planetary hero, Buck Rogers, published in August, 1928. Amazing Stories,
debuting in 1926, was the brainchild of Hugo Gernsback and was the first
magazine devoted entirely to science fiction. Gernsback...

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Spook Shows
Spook Shows were a phenomenon that lasted about three
decades, starting in the mid 1930s and winding down to a halt in the 60s. It
was usually a “four-waller,” someone who travelled around from town to town
with a carload of posters, a few monster costumes ...
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