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Were you sent by God and the Holy Spirit to judge other peoples beliefs and ideas. The arguments made against other peoples ideas should never be addressed. You are judging their ideas and you haven't proved to anyone that there is no Trinity. I was baptized into the Holy Spirit....twice and I am sure you would say I was a liar. Because the Bible declares you only receive of Him once. No the Bible does not say that. Many times the Spirit of the Lord Jesus came back upon the disciples and Paul the Apostle. And gave him divine healing powers....and the power to blind a person....and cast out demons. And until you become totally immersed in that part of God Almighty in Christ. Then everything else is merely superficial Bible Study and Babble.
I find organized religion to be unstable....and unwilling to seek God before they consider a matter. Such as what you are saying about there is no Holy Trinity. If you will print the idea that you ask God The Father or Jesus the Son, if there was indeed a Holy Trinity or not....and told us all what they had truly said to you on the issue....then we might have some real phenomenal way of understanding your stubborn stance on the matter. But to merely use Biblical Theology as a stance. Its a private interpretation...that you have come up with. When God spoke to Moses and the Prophets...they came out to the people and made them understand every word that proceeded from His Mouth. But since you have chosen human idealism and considered what you are preaching as a righteous stance. Its not really a righteous stance in The Spirit of The LORD. But in your spirit of assumption. I will say this: If I am wrong I will repent....but not until you summon The Almighty and bring us a word of what He has actually told you on the matter...first handed. Jesus told his disciples..." if ye abide in me and my words abide in you...ask what you will and it shall it be done unto you, herein is my Father Glorified, that you bring forth much fruit; so shall ye be My disciples". Did you ask God about the Holy Trinity? Its not sacrilege or tempting the Almighty. Jesus says...ask what you will.....that means anything.
If you are not connected with God Almighty by His Holy Spirit of are none of His no matter how much you study the Bible and preach its contents. The totality of His Spirit brings about the innate feeling of Resurrection and life daily. And as you die, you live eternally. Being connected to God bears the fruits of this powerful innate idea. And that power is generated by Faith. Not faith that we as humans generate...but as the Holy Spirit gives us from the Father. Whereas scripture also says that without faith its impossible to please God. Its not human faith...but of Christ the Son of God, of Whom became the Author and Finisher of our faith. When God The Father see His Sons Spirit within you, He also See's His Son's faith abiding upon you....and that Faith is what brings your prayers to The Almighty. Whereas Jesus declares also, I am the way, the truth and the life and no man can come unto the Father but by Me. His faith is what The Father see's, not human belief or human faith. Jesus's Faith is sinless and that's why He must be mediator between man and God the Father. Because men are also made of flesh....and God's Holy Spirit of Christ has to strive with human nature to keep it from sinning. While that was never an issue with Christ. His sinless Spirit resides over all flesh that is His. And in that sinless Spirit resides the only authority in heaven and earth....that gives God our Father the idea that we are Christs.
Preaching the gospel is not of any private interpretation. Neither is it extremely limited to what's contained in scripture. God is still sitting on His Throne and Christ is still His Perfect Rabbi. The Teacher that The Father Sends in Christ's name is The Holy Spirit. These three operate as One. Because as they may be three different Origin...they all three operate under the same rule of heaven and earth. God being Supreme inhabits Christ's Spirit, and Christ's Spirit inhabits us. The Glory is One. In Three deities .....The Father, The Son (The Word) and The Holy Spirit....
Before you judge another man's servant its best to inquire of that servants master if its true do so. We are all servants of the Most High and He alone is our eternal Judge.
I will confirm what I know from experience...that the Holy Spirit of Christ is not an " it ". Sitting in a prison cell serving a sentence for murder, repenting and fasting for forty days and nights. Casting out everything that pertained to the flesh....I mean every thing....bowing down trembling and fearing before the Lord. Seeing my terrible wrong and evil. I heard a voice say...." write your daughter " . Never encountering such a thing I decided instead to write a Christian Lady Friend I knew. But that choice soon became a wrong one. Because as I began to write that letter. I became overwhelmed with a nausea and sickness. And the voice repeated itself, " write your daughter ". So I threw the original letter in the trash and began to write my step daughter Joni. As I set the pen to the paper, and attempted to write....The Spirit of The Lord came upon me...His presence was from the top of my head, in the inner parts of me, with fire and millions of tiny sparkling feeling cleansing fires. He slid down over and through my whole body and as He did. I thought I was about to die...and cried out " Lord don't kill me ". But as His presence became fully consumed upon my soul He took a hold of the hand and arm that held the pen and He wrote the letter to my step daughter Joni. His words of great wisdom and determination fell upon that paper and the Glory of His countenance was 100 fold. Nothing on this earth could exceed that. His power and His presence were above anything and everything I had ever encountered. Once the letter was finished His presence remained upon me talking and showing me miraculous things that I had never seen happen ever. This part of The Almighty in an Angelic Person of great resource and power....a Spirit being in full form and Glory of God Himself created Spiritually in His Image and His Likeness.
This encounter with The Holy Spirit was a Baptism and a dying into Christ's burial and a resurrection in to His Eternal life. You have not encountered this in your own life. And until you are lacking the wisdom that comes only from above in matters that are considered the deep things of God. Read Isaiah Chapter 66 verses 1 and 2 and see the man that God will look to....see the type of house He is looking for....if you are not literally trembling at His Word in a broken and contrite are not seeking The Almighty....if you are not casting out all that you claim to have and own....that still subdues your flesh. You are not preaching a true gospel.
Seeking the Kingdom of God and His not some superficial repentance with merely lip service. Its a literal casting out of everything you have and bowing down fasting for many days and fulfilling that part of Jesus faith.
There is never mentioned a vision, dream or clear description in Scripture wherein God and the Holy Spirit are shown as the same person. 

Of the three members that supposedly comprise God according to the unscriptural Trinity doctrine, the Holy Spirit is by far the weakest link for Trinitarians to try and prove is God. It is for this reason why the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD disregarded the Holy Spirit as a member of the Godhead when they made Jesus 'God' in 325 AD. They had to wait until the Council of Constantinople in 381 AD to include the Holy Spirit in the formula. 

This is because the Bible simply does not portray the Holy Spirit as God. For example, just consider all of the visions of God in heaven - many of them describe Jesus (NOT as being God Himself, but instead) at God's right hand. But NOWHERE is the Holy Spirit even mentioned! This would be an unforgivable slighting of the True God if the Holy Spirit were truly a person who is God! 

Also, if the Holy Spirit has always been God, and it means everlasting life to know God (Jn. 17:3), then why would Jews instructed in the Old Testament Scriptures not even know what the Holy Spirit was? (See Acts 19:2.) 

If the Holy Spirit is God, then why is the Holy Spirit so vaguely described in the Bible? If it means everlasting life to know God, and if the Holy Spirit really is God, then why doesn't the Holy Spirit have a personal name? 

The personal name of God ("Jehovah" - the Father alone) is the most used personal name in the entire Bible. There can be no doubt about the extreme importance of the Messiah's personal name ("Jesus") and the frequency of its use by the inspired writers of the NT. But not once is the neuter Holy Spirit given a personal name. If those three are truly God, then the Holy Spirit has been grossly ignored by the inspired Bible writers! 

If the Holy Spirit really is a person, then why is the Holy Spirit nameless and indistinguishable from all of the other holy spirits? Since God Himself is a spirit and is holy and since His faithful angelic sons are spirits and holy, it is evident that if the "holy spirit" really were a person, (especially God Himself) there should reasonably be given some means in the Scriptures to distinguish and identify such spirit person from all of these other "holy spirits". 

Instead, the way that the Bible uses the term "holy spirit" indicates that it is God's active force that He uses to accomplish a variety of His purposes. (Genesis 1:2; 2 Corinthians 4:7; Acts 2:1-4) 

Many historians and Bible scholars (most of them trinitarians) freely admit the above truth. For example: "On the whole, the New Testament, like the Old, speaks of the Spirit as a divine energy or power." - A Catholic Dictionary. 

An Encyclopedia of Religion agrees: 

"In the New Testament there is no direct suggestion of the Trinity. The Spirit is conceived as an IMPERSONAL POWER by which God effects his will through Christ." - p. 344, Virgilius Ferm, 1945 ed. 

Since God's holy spirit is actually His active force, it can do anything God wants done. 

What it does or 'says,' etc. is really the Father (or whoever the Father allows to use that force) acting through it. 

An imperfect example might be a person listening to a two-way radio. He can only see the radio and hear the message from the radio, but there really is a person somewhere far away whose thoughts are conveyed to him through invisible electrical energy and through the radio. That person is not the electrical energy and not the radio (which is actually 'speaking' to the man). 

The personification of this holy force of God's should not be considered proof that it is a person. Certainly it is not evidence that it is God. 

Even the trinitarian A Catholic Dictionary admits that the personification of the holy spirit in the New Testament certainly does not mean that it is a person: 

"Most of these places furnish no cogent proof of personality....We must not forget that the NT personifies mere attributes such as love (1 Cor. xiii. 4), and sin (Rom. vii. 11), nay even abstract and lifeless things, such as the law (Rom iii.19), the water and the blood (1 John v.8)." 

And Young's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible tells us that "Abstract and inanimate things are frequently personified" and then gives a long list of such things found in the Bible, including "a will [attributed to] the flesh and mind .... knowing, rejoicing [attributed] to the sun..." - "Hints and Helps to Bible Interpretation," #2. (Also see Jn 3:8 where "the pneuma ['wind' or `spirit'] blows where it wills.") 

So, it is certainly no surprise to find that holy spirit can be personified. Certainly anything you do to (or against) God's direct active force you are also doing to (or against) God Himself.

For much more, see:

God’s Active Force; Holy Spirit

While I was in prison I attended a church service. A free world minister had come to teach and preach the word of God. His profession of faith was Pentecostal and his evangelical ideas were caught up things strange to my understanding. After an hour of his antic's I became troubled in the Spirit and asked my Father in heaven what this service was all about. Not immediate answer was revealed. But needless to say I could not wait to get out of that service.
Still being troubled about what I has seen and heard. I continued to ask the Lord to show me what was happening in that service. I had carried my Bible from that service to the prison job that I had. And after fulfilling my routine tasks in the boiler room where I worked. I sat down at a table and laid my hands upon my Bible. And asked the Lord to show me in scripture what was going on in that service. After I had prayed I randomly opened my King James Bible. It fell open at Romans Chapter 11 and my eyes fell upon verse 8 at first, which reads, " According as it is written, God has given them the spirit of slumber; eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear unto this day ". I reasoned within myself seeking the Lord for a more explanatory purpose of this scripture. And even after continuing to read the next two scripture of 9 and 10. I had some vague understanding of what He was attempting to tell me. But it wasn't until I was directed to the reference guide in the center of the page. That I was led to the truth of the issue about this particular service I had sat through. Men hollering hallelujah, waving their hands, the preacher running around laying his hands on people seated and prophesying over them all sorts of so called prophecies. Disturbing to say the least.
I had been baptized into the Holy Spirit in 1983 and I believed that God had given me the vision to understand true worship and praise of Him and Christ. But what was being laid before me this night in this manner did not stir my spirit to believe anything that was being done. So it was my deepest desire to confront the Lord about it. It's never a shameful thing to question anything a minister does or a ministry is portraying. Because we are all given the opportunity to learn and see for ourselves through Christ our Chief Counselor and Ambassador unto God our Father. He has given us an assurance that what we encounter at church services are of Him and of His Spirit power and glory. So when its necessary to find out anything that looks or feels improper....He Alone is our Main Stay to all Truth.
So as I was directed to the reference guide in my Bible it took me to Isaiah Chapter 29 verse 9 (and eventually verses 10-14). Here the Lord displayed what I had seen happening in the church service. The example of something foreign of what I had been taught by the Holy Spirit about such gatherings. They attempted to operate under the influence of a spirit origin. But nothing from above. The resemblance was some what similar to what God had written in His Book for such gatherings. But the frame work was not with power from on high. And the babbling of their works seemed so offensive to me. I could not wait to vacate that service. And since that time I have encountered many like wise services that have that same rhetoric and imbalance.
I am no judge of another man's servant. But when I am disturbed about something. There is a King above us all that has all the answers I need to see and understand what He has created and what He has not. These are the deciphering points that make me aware. That Christianity is being exploited in many ways that do not line up with the Bible.
The vision of the modern church has fell on sleeping and slumbering eyes. It's mission has been enclosed into a church house and its authority has waned under criticism and political rebuke. The Gospel has been compromised by church leaders. And liberal teachers who patronize the wealth of the ministry rather than the salvation power of it.
The original idea given to us in Acts of the Apostles. Has no more ear marks on the modern church and its people. The Apostles of Christ were instructed by the Holy Ghost to call everyone who followed Jesus together. And have them go out and sell all that they possessed and bring the proceeds of that sell and place it at the Apostles feet. These acts were in conjunction of what God had in mind for a new created church in Jesus Christ. Not one that harbored all the money or the proceeds to itself. But one made in the likeness of God and Christ that was willing to give to every person and equal portion of wealth. Making them all the same. The Apostles took of the money and by direction of the Holy Spirits hand they divided the collections gathered, equally among all those who had done according to The Spirit's command. Every soul that stood before the original ministers of God in Christ, had received their money back in some form as to make everyone equal. None were richer and none were poorer that each other all were the same.
The modern churches are operating on that deep sleep issue of wealth and prosperity. Joel Olsteen has 750 million dollars in his church account. Why? What purpose does it do to hoard it up in an account while many of his congregation are merely common workers with far less in their accounts. Barely getting by....and they say they are blessed to have that little bit. But then you ask Joel Olsteen and He grins with a toothy grin and admits he is wealthy. How does his position exploit him to a higher degree of wealth than any other person in attendance at his church in Houston? What makes his Praise and Honor of God more worthy of wealth and exploitation than the least among those who attend his church services? When in fact the Holy Ghost calls us all on the same accord. None being greater than the other. Should it not be like it was in the beginning? When the Apostles laid down the first foundation of the church and gave heed to the power of God to divide the proceeds. Isn't tithing and offering merely a test of see who is willing to sacrifice for God. So how much less would it be that God also would love nothing more than to give you back an equal share of His love by returning unto you a better amount divided among you and all your fellow worshipers? Who is more righteous God? Or man ?. The subtle security of evil is what is going down in all the churches. Loving thy neighbor as thyself is merely lip service. When you see a preacher hoarding millions in a bank account while his neighbor has merely one percent of that. God is not a respecter of persons...set that scripture in place and see where the flaw is. Evil has slipped into the churches and people have behaved unrighteous for centuries after the first church. And God has suffered scorn for it unfairly. He has taken a beaten from those who suffer without while those are hoarding and stock piling millions in their accounts. Their works are no greater than those who merely work and provide a living for their family and still worship and praise God in Christ. They preserve a widows mite for a tithe and offering before the Lord and are shamefully entreated for it. Given to the pleasures of their ministers antic's and exploitation's of their widow's mite. Using church proceeds to go on lavish vacations and providing lavish gifts to their kids and and building mansions for themselves and exploiting every one else's money. Proclaiming to be doing the Lord's work. While all the time, eagerly dismantling the truth and exploiting it for wealth that was never supposed to be a part of any society of church gather's. If Joel Olsteen took that 750 million and divided it among his 65 thousand worshiper's they would all get a very good lump sum of cash and would all be equal in that area. In many cases God had foreseen a need for this cash distribution. Many of the people in the congregation were able to completely meet their needs more adequately. When given a greater lump sum of money for attending church and offering a widows mite. Proving that God was ever gracious...not just a God afar off....but a gracious King up close and personal. And the longer this goes unchecked and unidentified....the more our whole nation suffers rebuke and scorn from above. The Bible is more than just a Word sent by God the Father. The vision that follows it is something that true worshipers must also see to be able to manifest the prophecy of Jesus Christ. Revelation declares at Chapter 19 verse 10 in part.....worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy ". That prophecy is not merely what He has given us alone by scripture....but continues to succeed in the Holy Ghost by Christ even forever, amen. There is also a vision that is given outside of scripture that follows close to scripture in every detail. God being Sovereign has made His chosen people understand a far greater purpose of why Christ came and gave us a new law. The indeterminate idea is to spread the gospel...not keep it hoarded up in a church house on Hollywood and Vine. The relevant nature of the vision that is given outside of scripture is also essentially part of the prophecy of Jesus Christ. First assembled with the apostles and now with us by His Spirit. The mortal man cannot conceive the full glory of God without His Spirit. But the fullness of His Glory is not contained in a Book. But is shed upon us from on high by vision and nature of Spiritual origin. That's why God declared by the words found in Zechariah " not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD ". These are things that possess those who have received of the Holy Spirit of Christ. Not given to us for a private interpretation of scripture. But a literal teaching and complete understanding of great wisdom enhanced by His Spiritual nature within us to " know all things " both written and Spiritual.
To say things among those who believe they know....that does not register on their scale of to offend them. They are very quick to put your ideas behind their back's because they have not heard from the Holy Spirit about such things. And its a strange and intriguing doctrine that their church does not teach. But all in all that's why The Holy Spirit Himself says, " He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit saith ". Greater is the vision than most people are getting at the church. The Pastor's, the Preacher's, the Teachers and all the Evangelist are to preoccupied with their works and deeds to immerse themselves in what the Spirit saith. The original focal point of their becoming who they are now. Was to seek the Lord's will, but eventually the Lord's will became a church service and " a game of thrones " seeing who is the greatest among them. No longer seeking the vision and understanding the power and glory of God in Christ. But finding that popularity among the people earns lavish amounts of cash and soothsaying the scripture makes for much abundance. Not actually seeing what God Himself has taught His former disciples to create a church of genuine love, hope and righteousness. Equality was present when God decided to create a way and en-graph the Gentiles into His ministry. He was no longer a respecter of persons...all would be equal and all would be His even forever. So the significance of having a church that set an example of equality was very imperative of His Own nature and desire. You cannot shun that idea and focus on an " us " thing and then use it for a " me " thing by hoarding massive amounts of money. There are people of low decree in your congregation and its not the inner body of Christ that should care for those less fortunate. Its the Leader of the churches responsibility first to devise a plan set on the exact same principles that were given to the disciples of Jesus to accomplish. God never intended for any of His people to be without and those who worship and praise Him are as entitled to the same gifts and offerings as those who preach the Gospel as a leader. If you thin other wise you are as much the problem as the leader of your church is. This is a discussion that should go on in every church. How to divide equally every thing that each other has.....why? Because you are Brothers and Sisters of the same household of God in Christ. If you hate your brother or your sister you would not want them equal to you....nor would you want to love them as yourself. But if you are of reasonable service unto the Lord, then your share would be equally available to all that does not have what you do. He recreated a new testament law....the law of Truth but sanctified by the Blood and remitted by His so much that we are no longer indebted to each other but created equal in Christ by His Holy Spirit. Being brothers and sisters of One Father of Whom there is no favoritism. He see's us all as equal....and has determined by His Spirit power that we should all be equally entreated among ourselves....none greater and none lessor...but all the same in Christ Jesus. And this should be preached and carried out by that example set for in the very first church called by His Name in His Original Apostles....amen. Thank You Jesus for this writing of Your Word....amen.

Where Are The Christian Jews?

Almost every Christian thinks they are the New Israel. Is there really such a thing? Was Melchizedek a Hebrew? When you see that Melchizedek was the High Priest of Salem. He had no mother or father nor tribal residence. He met Abraham after Abraham had fought with the kings of the Plains. And brought Bread and Wine to celebrate his victory. So Melchizedek was not of the tribes of Israel. Nor was he a Hebrew. But his meeting with Abraham gives rise to the explanation that Jesus made to the Jews. When He said " Before Abraham was I am " and also, " Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day : and he saw it and was glad ". Having been Spiritually formed into Christ. Melchizedek met Abraham with the " body " and the " blood " of Christ. And made Abraham understand what those were to be in the latter days. When he would return as The High Priest under the same order that he had once appeared to Abraham as Melchizedek. Abraham understood that the wine and the bread that Melchizedek offered to him. Was indeed the body and the blood of Christ and he rejoiced at the idea of being a part taker of that communion. Knowing that a Savior of all peoples tongues and nations would appear and save the whole world.
The LORD had sworn , and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek(Psalm 110 v. 4). This scripture clarifies the testimony of God in reference to Christ. And His Priesthood. He was not ordained under Moses and the Prophets. Nor of the Levitical order of the Levites. His Priesthood was ordained by God to become a Priest of Spiritual order and a New Law giver through the fruits of His Spiritual embodiment.
Its evident that Jesus was born in the flesh as a Jew. But only to break the curse of the law and the bond between God and Israel. Setting up a new order of priesthood under the order of Melchizedek. The Spiritual order that gave men peace, joy and righteousness under Christ in the form of Melchizedek. He was not of Jacob nor of Israel. But in flesh He came out of Judah and was born again at the River Jordan under the form of a Spiritual dove. He became the total Son of God having been formed in His mother's womb by prophecy and the Spirit God. Created in the image of Jew in the flesh, sent to break the curse of the law and set up a new kingdom under God. That included the whole world. The bond between God and Israel was lifted and the power of the Son of God was brought in to administer a new priesthood never heard of before by the sons of men.
A new heavens and new earth order was being brought to life by God in Christ. The unparalleled Spiritual Son of God was given all power in heaven and earth. And by no other can men be saved. Jesus the Christ of God is in essence the signet ring of the Almighty, no man can come unto the Father but by Him. The sealing of your soul must first pass through God's Signet Ring. Its Jesus that must approve you and seal you with His Spirit of the Father. Before you can pass through to the throne. The example given to us is Joseph and Pharaoh. Pharaoh took off his signet ring and placed it upon Joseph's finger, saying to Joseph, " there is none in the land of Egypt greater than you but me ". God the Father has delegated that same power to Christ Jesus. Making Him Ruler and Judge over every soul on earth. And He is also High Priest in the tabernacles of the living God upon earth in human bodies. The form and the power of the soul that has Christ is in essence after the order of Melchizedek of whom Christ has truly become. All former things were passed away and all things became new through Him. From Noah to Jesus all that old order has passed away in the eyes of The LORD God saying at Isaiah Chapter 65 verse 17, " Behold I form a new heavens and a new earth and the former will not be remembered nor come into mind ". Jesus says, Think not that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets; I am not come to destroy but to fulfill(Matt. 5 :17). His fulfilling would not be until He cried with a loud voice " It is finished " and He gave up the ghost and died. He had continued to say at Matthew Chapter 5 verse 18 " For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled ". While Jesus was still alive the law had not been completely fulfilled by Him. And even while He was still upon earth every one was still under the ruler ship of it and the priesthood that was in effect. He continued on and warned them that whosoever would break the laws or teach men to do so would be considered unworthy in heaven. But to those who continued to keep the law and teach it righteously would be considered a worthy person in heaven.
It is also written by Luke at Chapter 16 verses 16 and 17 " The law and the prophets were until John, since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presses into it. And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail ". The old heaven and earth could pass and did indeed pass once Jesus had set everything in order and fulfilled everything written of Him in prophecy. The Kingdom of God before heaven and earth passed Spiritually was made up of Israel only by the law and the prophets. But after John came those things begin to diminish and soon passed away when Jesus was made official the last sacrifice that all men would ever need. To enter into the new heavens and new earth kingdom of God that encompassed all men. The new order of life came with a new priest hood after that of Melchizedek ( eternal ). Judah had brought in a new priesthood through Christ and a new law giver was in control of everything that pertained to God the Father. We are no longer called after the lineage of Moses and Aaron....but the lineage of Melchizedek and Judah. And while it might seems as though Israel is deemed ritualistically the favored son, scripture says different, saying both at Jeremiah and Hebrews, and the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah, Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in My covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.
This new covenant came by the Word Of God, which He established at the beginning which is written about by John at Chapter 1 of the Gospel of John. When the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. John's gospel compel's us to understand that what he had written. Was in fact the New Genesis to the very beginning of creation according to Christ under the new heavens and new earth order of Jesus and His ordained Priesthood as Melchizedek. The new ordained ministry of Christ is in fact that of Melchizedek of whom was not of Jewish or Hebrew ancestry. He was without beginning and end and of God's Spirit nature having the items of salvation in his hands when He met Abraham. The Bread and the Wine symbolic of what Jesus had said that Abraham had seen His day and rejoiced in it. Melchizedek had presented His Blood covenant with Abraham and gave Him a part of the Body and the Blood of Christ the Lamb of God.
Christians are not the New Israel....they are in essence created through Christ By His Spirit and are of the lineage of Judah and of the House of Judah. We are part takers of the New Covenant made with the House of Judah in Christ...amen and of the Priesthood of Melchizedek. Not under the law of Moses and the prophets. Their kingdom was removed and would not be remembered any more by God. The new heavens gave birth to all men every where and the new earth gave birth to new reborn men who came and called upon of the Lord Jesus. And when He came to you He brought those items of truth from His salvation the bread and the wine....the body and the blood....amen.....Praise God for His Holy Plan of Salvation in Christ....the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.....

Has the Lord blessed you with vision? Spiritual vision? Has He opened anything really worth while into your soul and made it available for your sharing to others?
We all seem to think that all the rudimentary ideas we heard daily about Christianity is all there is. Because we are pressed into a mold of relentless opportunity. To be repetitive and preach the same old messages day in and day out. But the refreshing power of God's Spirit in Christ. Is the vision of all things both old and new. He can remove the ho-hum ideas of our everyday lives by investing a new idea that no one else has ever seen or heard before. But when that happens be careful how you share it. Because mainstream Christianity is some what like the Pharisee's. They are hard fast of traditional ideas and keeping fables of men. And when you open your mouth be sure that who you are speaking to is open to what The Spirit says amen? Many people mean good, but are relentless when new ideas are introduced into their old churchology. But none the less. God is so Sovereign. That even when the old churchology is cracked open and exposed. Sometimes its calling for a new hope and a new and refreshed desire for something more perfect. The eyes of the blind are made opened and the truth of something new just slaps them right in the face. Hearing it is such a shock but understanding is more of an inevitable way of seeing and understanding God and His Power of Christ.
Some years ago God introduced me to Isaiah Chapter 33 verses 20 through 24. These are Spiritual gifts that lifted my heart to see something I thought at first was physical things. But after reading them. I realized that these were indeed not physical things but Spiritual things. And reading these from the King James Version Bible. Makes it more inevitable why God has chosen that language for a principle meaning. Each idea that is exposed through Isaiah is a really unique Power of God to introduce men to something that they had no idea about. In similar fashion the writer of The Hebrews, also gleaned a very good idea of these very insights of what the LORD had purposed through Christ. Isaiah and the writer of The Hebrews ( Some think Paul wrote it )believed pretty much on the same accord. Different times but same ideas, and the same Spirit influence that created both of them men's mind, heart and soul.
While one set of principles (Isaiah) set out a vague but unique description of what the writer of Hebrews knew inevitably. It really opens the lines of a vision of truth without complexity. Because the description that Isaiah placed before men in his writings at Chapter 33 of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Made it seem as though he was referring to the Zion of the earth. But the real issue was not of this earth at all. But he disguises it to show us who are later given God's Holy Spirit. That His intentions were in fact to create a " prey " that men of a broken heart could come to and be healed. This same indication is given in Hebrews at Chapter 12 verses 22 through 24.
Having received these things of The LORD I began to understand and see a whole new concept of the Gospel. Because what I do see is that many see differently the idea's of what men portray as the gospel. However as I exploited the Lord's Power I understood more and more of the vision and its power to restore the truth. If only humanity would believe the truth and understand its fullest meaning for their lives.
God gives us a clearer out look at Isaiah by declaring that Zion is a place of solemn feasts. Not of this earth but of heaven. His city of truth was erected before it was ever seen here on earth also. He declares it a " quiet " habitation. Which indicates peace and heavenly assurance. He further states through Isaiah, that Jerusalem is like a tent that shall never be taken down, not one cord broken or one stake removed. These are the pillars of that tabernacle in Christ. Because in that tent is the pattern shown unto Moses when God called him into the mount. That being the Holy of Holies in Christ of whom is also our High Priest. Zion being the Heavenly Mount of the LORD, the heavenly Jerusalem and the City of the Living God, and a tabernacle of Christ our High Priest and The Lamb of God. These things are principle shown unto me by His Spirit of Christ.
So now, the writer of The Hebrews also sees these and says Chapter 12 verse 24, " But ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God: the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumberable company of angels.
The parallels are undisputed. As these things are given to us to understand that we are not of this city of the earth. But of that city and that heavenly Jerusalem. Being a people created after the Image of Christ and are no longer of this world in fashion but of fore taste of the world beyond.
Isaiah goes on to elaborate....Chapter 33 verse 21, But there the glorious LORD will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams; wherein shall go no galley with oars, neither shall gallant ship pass thereby. His Holy Spirit is deemed to be a river of life and it flows from out of our bellies. Having no place for vessels of the physical water of this life. Revelation Chapter 22 verse 1 also declares this saying " And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. "
Isaiah continues at Chapter 33 verse 22, saying For the LORD is our Judge....(Prophet). the LORD is our lawgiver.....(Priest).......the LORD is our King...He will save us (Savior). In these observations the writer of The Hebrews also seen this at Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 23 saying " To the general assembly and church of the first born, which are written in heaven, and God the Judge of all, and to spirits of just men made perfect ". These are correlated and understanding is clear what God had intended that men should have seen far off and yet near to them in prophecy.
Its understandable how The Almighty uses identifiable things to illustrate His Own ideas among men. But when He gave Isaiah this prophecy He used a very unique pathway to start the vision. But then in the next verse He throws a shadow over His vision by veering away from the three former verses. And incorporating something that has plagued the modern church and its understanding of the law and the prophets. As Isaiah continues to declare God's ideas He says in Chapter 33 verse 24, " Thy tacklings are loosed; they could not well strengthen their mast, they could not spread the sail: then is a prey of a great spoil divided and the lame take the prey ". The interpretation is simple but not so for those who were present to hear this message. Whereas you are hearing something of the LORD's permanent habitation and His greatness in Spirit and truth. And then, Isaiah veers away to the parts of a sailing ship. And finding that uniquely troubling its hard to distinguish his reasoning here. But under the influence of the Spirit of the Almighty. The simplicity is open and shut. Isaiah's reasoning becomes one that opens the ideas that the law and the prophets were no longer being regarded by God. As any means for man's salvation in the earth. They were being taken out of the way because they could not save mankind. What was being detailed was a better idea. God was offering them a " prey " known as a sacrificial Lamb. A Lamb that could heal the lame and who could forgive them of their sins by His Blood covenant. A Lamb that would reside in that eternal city of the Most High God and give everlasting life to all that came to Him for restoration and life.
The tacklings of the old covenant were unable to keep Moses as their mediator any longer. And they could not keep humanity away from sin and corruption. And God fore seen that a new covenant had to be made by a better way so He took Jesus His Only Begotten Son and sacrificed Him to be our propitiation for sin. In these things the writer of The Hebrews also wrote at Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 24, " And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel ".
The New covenant that God had made between the House of Israel and the House of Judah were being made into prophecy. And Israel would no longer be under Moses and the prophets, but under the New Law of Christ and His disciples. From out of the House of Judah sprang up a new lawgiver, a Prophet, Priest and King...and Savior.
In the end Isaiah declared at Isaiah Chapter 33 verse 24, And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick; the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquity". No sickness nor iniquity reigns in the House of our Heavenly Father. We are inhabitants of His Holy House in heaven and people of His City and brothers and sister's of the tabernacle and church of the first born in Christ forever amen?
Let every word be established Oh LORD God in Christ's name that the vision of the reader and hearer of your Spiritual Power be observed as that of the Truth and all things be done in Honor and Praise to your Holy name. As You are the Teacher and the beginning and end of our faith. In You and in no other is there Truth and Tranquility forever and ever Amen. Thank You and Bless Your Holy Heart Oh Mighty God even as our Savior amen, again!

Question?: Is it imperative to attend Church to be a full fledged Christian?
I read in scripture where John the disciple of Jesus came across a man casting out demons and healing the sick in Jesus's name. This man was not following Jesus directly as the twelve chosen were. So John abruptly forbid him to do that. The Holy Spirit had not yet been given to the disciples, and churches as we know them. Were not yet made. So how was this man able to cast out demons and heal the sick?
Is God always only partial to those who attend churches and join the immediate company of those who do things like that? Or can a man or a woman become an independent agent for the Lord and His glory? Are traveling salesman as effective as those who sit in churches every Sunday and Wednesday? It seems that we always find that wandering set of scriptures that display something that does not stay in line with everything else. The basic ideas that churches follow are what its leaders embed in the minds its followers. But hardly do you see to many people going from door to door casting out demons and healing the sick. But when asked if those who sit every Sunday in their churches, have the Holy Spirit. Their responses are most definitely yes.
Is The Almighty a " movement " or a " sit still in church " thing. The message of Christ stems from His directive to His Own disciples of " Go ". Go ye in all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved: but he who believeth not shall be damned....." And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my names shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues: they shall take up serpents: and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover ". Mark 16: 15-18. So to read this is to understand how the man who was casting out demons in the way, in Jesus's Name, was accomplishing that. He must of believed and got baptized to be saved, and received power over unclean spirits and healing power over the sick. He new that he had received something that he had never possessed before. And used it as an independent believer and worshiper of Christ. He was part of the movement of God in Christ. Not the stand still ministry of a church . The independent preachers are the true followers of God in Christ. There are those who rely upon God in Christ to give them strength and power to preach a greater gospel with signs and wonders following. Its not an isolated partiality between man and man. God does not choose one man for those gifts over another of whom He refuses to give those gifts. If that would be the actual case with Him. Those words found in Mark Chapter 16, are a Hoax. And Jesus would be found to be a babbler. Saying things that are not the truth. In Jesus Name, is the movement that comes with spreading the gospel.....Go ye in all the world...has met with a very unique disqualification. In the United States alone, there are millions of people who have never found anything worth while to understand Christianity. Because those who are Christians refuse to leave the safe zone of the church atmosphere and go out and save those empty desiring souls. Instead all ministries have turned to technology...TV, Internet, and media outlets. Just so they do not have to meet the face to face ridicule of unsaved human nature. The war fare of their salvation is not worthy of facing off with an unbeliever on the streets and using that power and that gift to cast out a demon, or laying your hands on a sick your neighbor.
What we see in television evangelism and purported church worship is in fact the reason that Satan has the edge in the United States today. Big name preachers have no will to leave their comfort zone pulpits and endure the heat of summer and cold of winter to call the lost to repentance. They use make up and paint to pose for the cameras , to shout at the TV, and cry for the resources. John the Baptist could have only hoped to been blessed with even a quarter of what these modern so called preachers have. Instead he stood face to face with Herod and told him he was an adulterer and had performed an illegal act of having his brothers wife. Bold in the Spirit unwavering and powerful even to the very result of being beheaded for what he had accused the ruler of. Preachers today had no real face to face confrontation with people in power over their evil works and unsaved attitudes. They are afraid to die...afraid to become an out cast of the public. Comfort zone ministries with A/C, central heat, soft comfortable chairs and inside preaching. Oh I know, these are children of a Most High King and they are royalty that should have what a king's child should have. But so was John the Baptist....Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Peter, Paul and Most Of All this same Jesus that said GO YE IN ALL THE WORLD.....

When you see a cross, what does it actually represent to you? Salvation? Redemption? Or some other form of Christian belief.
The cross has been patronized as some form of outward showing to emphasize that some one is a Christian. They wear them Around their necks, on bracelets and as trinket's of apparel.
But when you look a little closer and a little deeper into it. The cross actually has no physical or spiritual effects. It represents the altar, that The Lamb of God was slain upon. The altar did not sanctify the was the sacrifice that sanctified the altar. The Blood of The Lamb is what gives us life....not the tree that represented the altar upon which the sacrifice was slain. So what is greater....the altar upon which the Lamb was slain, or the slain Lamb as the sacrifice. The cross as its called, has no real defining powers to give you everlasting life...or salvation....and it cannot redeem you from any sins. All of these are the attributes of Christ....He alone is The Redeemer, The Son of Salvation, and Power of Everlasting Life.
The tree had its purpose and its purpose served as an altar. In describing this part of the Christian belief, some people call the cross a torture stake. There's no joy in a torture stake....but, scripture says, Hebrews 12:2 says, Looking unto the Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith: who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God ". He took great joy in enduring the cross...because He wanted so desperately to please His Heavenly Father and do His will. Then in Isaiah Chapter 53:10 and 11 it says, Yet it pleased The LORD to bruise Him, He hath put Him to grief, when Thou shalt make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in His hand. He shall see the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied: by His knowledge shall My righteous servant justify many: for He shall bear their iniquities ".
There was never a ram, a bullock, or a lamb through out the whole Bible. That such things were ever recorded to it's glory in God the Father. But Jesus, was given a body that maintained all these written attributes and He was then made into a Lamb to bear the iniquities and justify many before God The Father. So the tree neither...had no written testimony about how it would become some great factor for our salvation. How its bark would give us salvation, or its sap would redeem us from our sins. It was merely the altar where upon The Lamb Of God was sacrificed for all these wonder attributes we are able to grab onto and hold on to and be perfected to glorify Christ amen.
Jesus said take up your cross and come follow me. But that altar was not and is not meant for anything but the death burial and resurrection into Christ....every single day that you live. Sacrificing your own life that others might live and believe in the true living Lamb of God, amen.

Is Christianity's concept of God the Father always the truth? I hear many Christians say that God does not make mistakes. But what would you think if you actually heard God say " I wished I hadn't done that ". In the same frame work, when we say that. Its assumed that we made a mistake. That we regret having done something we did and it was a wrong idea.
So let's hear what Jehovah has to say about having created man. Genesis Chapter 6 verse 7 The Bible says, " And The LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth: both man and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them ". This is a written testimony that God has declared that He made a mistake in creating man, and all the beast's, the creeping things and the fowls of the air. So in light of that, its very obvious that God can and did make a terrible mistake in creating man.
And I just got into a discussion with someone over so called Planned Parenthood. And that person claimed that her children were not mistakes because she used planned parent hood to conceive them. Planned Parenthood has nothing to with human nature. Planned Parenthood is a political correctness for the sake of sociological structuring. To appease society more than anything. But no matter how you see reproduction every soul that comes from the womb is still a mistake. Because the mistake was laid upon us by Eve and her initial disobedience unto God, who created her. While Eve may have been created Holy unto The LORD. Her whole soul changed from Holy to Good and Evil by virtue of the Tree of Knowledge. And that mark was left in the gene's in all humanity even unto this day. So God's declaring that it repented Him to have made man. Makes us understand that He too, had initiated a form of " planned parenthood " in His first two children. He had predestined their lives into existence and born them into the earth for perfection and obedience. Their creation spawned a terrible end for all of those who came after. Because out of the womb of every woman the issue of a mistake is made. The fruits of good and evil are already inside the genes of every child born into this earth. And even Jesus had to be " Born Again " to overcome the flesh He had received of His own mother. His born again experience culminated in a very unique and Glorious ending. Having received The Spirit like unto a dove, in Christ, with unlimited power to restore God's people and reform a new soul unto God their Father.
God gave us Christ to over come that terrible mistake He had made in creating Eve. The thrust of the issue is not in the flesh but of being Born Again in The Spirit of Christ...our Savior.
I know as you read through the old testament, you see a very unique understanding how terrible humanity can be. In so much that God creates an end for their evil ways by death and destruction. Nothing different or apart from what He also did in the Flood and the days of Noah. Because the wage of sin is death. It seems that it took God a while to finally get over the idea that He had created all this miserable people. Because from the very onset of the first mistake made in Eve. Jehovah had already instituted a plan for restoration and resurrection through Christ. That idea raged over millenniums and centuries before it became a stark reality in the latter days. The priests and prophets wrote about His coming and recorded it long before it became a reality. When you consider all the other ideas that God attempted to institute before Christ came. It shows how rebellious man kind was against God's Words and how stubborn and stiff necked they were. And I am sure each time He seen these actions of the people it reminded Him of Adam and Eve's evil doings as well.
One small but detrimental mistake can spread like a great flood or wild fire. And create massive damage. The critical area of the whole the defying spirit of Knowledge and its attributes of " Good " and " Evil ". These play a very devastating and treacherous end to humanity. The subtle idea to believe you are smart under these things. Is a false and misleading assumption to what we see in the world today. Worldly taught educational values have created competitiveness among the world leaders. By Knowledge framed upon good and evil, the world at large is blinded, with its own " self righteousness ". Not adhering to God's Righteousness in Christ. And falling prey to a more sinful structured society under the guise of the rule of Satan's original fallacies in the Garden of Eden.
Yes God realized that He had created a great mistake, when He formed Adam and Eve from the dust and made them a living soul. His Own declarations to that fact are evident in Genesis. But in His corrective desire He also created a way for our escape, through Christ. To think that you are some kind of " perfect " in your assessment of your worldly achievements. Is in itself a very subtle lie. Found in your own soul. But stubbornness also is a very apparent shield of defiance. Because most people who are successful in this life...think they do not need God in Christ. Because their so called success came without anything to do with God or His blessings. And that's where the Tree of Knowledge has been still fully comprehensive. It's fruits are apparent as well..." evil " is the defiance that those worldly achiever's believe they do not need God's help. And their good, is based on their self righteous accomplishments and strength outside of God the Father. And both of these idea's are mistakes bred into the flesh from the womb. By human genes passed on from Adam and Eve.
Being born again is to understand that God declared to us all that He has made a grave mistake in Humanities original birth into life. But He was kind enough and generous enough to give us a way to escape it and correct it. The womb has no immediate profit in child bearing, unless those parents are born again themselves. In the born again parent lives that portion of Christ's Spirit that makes them Holy. Every whit of their soul is Holy. The child that is conceived is given the genes of the father and his heredity is holy unto God by Christ. Both parents blood is being contributed to the child in the womb. Because " the life is in the blood ". The blood that has been transferred through sexual interaction from the fathers semen has life in it. And once it ovulates in the mother, and begins to take root. She nourishes it with her feeding tube and the blood of her own body which is holy. These carry a very unique power of Godly child birth....but much like Jesus, who was born of a woman also. Had to be " reborn " into One Spirit form and Glorify God in His Spirit . That nullified the flesh of Adam and Eve that Mary had been born into and passed on to Jesus. Jesus was merely Jesus, before He was born again at the River Jordan. His ministry was merely of Jewish culture and character. Until He was declared to be The Son of God and given The Unlimited Power of The Christ. All flesh must undergo this type of transformation. Before it can enter into heaven. The born again power of God in Christ recreates the soul and cleanses every ounce of the human nature and its blood syndrome. Your DNA so to speak changes and you are no longer associated with those old family ties. Jesus Himself, was told, thy mother and brethren are outside to see thee....and He said, who is my mother and brothers except those who do the will of My Father. The changing of a life style and a heredity is what God commands from us all. Dusting your feet and moving on from your whole family if they are not willing to change to meet God's Holy Standards. And you will be ridiculed by them and slandered by them. Being said against you that you think you are better than them because you attend church and think you are holier than them. In a sense it's Perfection verses mistake. The Holy are perfected in Christ.....and the Knowledgeable are still unborn again mistakes in Adam and Eve..amen. God has corrected His Original Mistake and you should be shouting Hallelujah all the day long..Praising Him for His brilliance in Christ as your Holy Salvation Plan..amen? Give God all the glory as you have said...." Where I once was dead, now I am alive again forever more amen. Thank You Jesus for Restoration and Life. And correction to my soul, Your Mercy Endures forever and ever, amen. So when they say God does not make mistakes...The Bible itself refutes that. But He also corrects all His mistakes and fulfillment becomes life long amen? Thank You Jesus forever and ever, amen!

As a Christian believer what is the greatest gift that you have received from God in Christ? What has God gifted you with that never leaves you or forsakes you? In the incarnate state of Life that you live what was given to you, to assure you that you are still God's no matter what? The incarnate Jesus and the fire of His Holy Spirit are in fact Minister's given to us for our service before God, in Christ. These are the born again gifts that God Almighty has appropriated to all that call upon His name in a clean heart. In essence no greater gift was ever given to any one than that. When you speak of blessings...never forget that greatest blessing of all is to know God and Him in you. That alone was a gift only in past times reserved for prophets and priest's. But now has been made available to all that call upon His name in Jesus'.
Can you understand how Jesus forms the Light of God's glory? He was declared to be a " Minister " by His Own Words. Simply saying that The Son of man came to minister not be ministered unto. Consider what Paul describes as a servant, and a son, and an heir to his father's goods and place in life. Jesus became the Only begotten Son of God, and by doing so. He became an heir to the Throne of God by blessing. But His heir-ship, also made Him a servant and a minister in His Own house. Because He humbled Himself and became a servant, obedient even to the death of the cross.
But now going back to His Own words....that The Son of man came to Minister and not to be ministered unto. How would you see Jesus now in your life. Is He still that minister? Is He still that servant, even though He's Lord over all? Absolutely. He gave His Own life as a ransom, for a person reason. To be able to communicate with His Own children, that God has given Him. And by giving us His Holy Spirit we are now in touch with Christ and God the Father on a personal basis. And we too, heirs and joint heirs with Christ unto God our Father. But to be able to call upon God the Father you must have Christ within you. And His soul Spirit must reside within you in great depth by the Spirit of Christ that you have received.
Now to say that Christ is a to also say that all good gifts come from above. Where He sits at the right hand of the Father still Ministering unto His children and blessing those of whom bless Him. Because since we are grafted into His Glory and are heirs of His Spirit we to are ministers in His stead. Therefore being sons, we are also servants, although we may be made lord over all. Jesus told His disciples that a disciple is not greater than His Lord, but when he is perfected he becomes the same as His Lord. That perfection is with Christ's Holy Spirit abiding within you because He too was in essence perfected in God the Father. Making all in One, Jehovah, and children of The Most High God.
Its obvious that Jesus was sent to minister and He continues to do so everyday unto all that calls upon His Holy Name. God being the land owner of the vineyard, Jesus being the Vine, and us the Branches are all made One in the fullness of Him. Jesus said," except you abide in Me you can do nothing of yourselves ". This indication is simple and easy to understand. A branch cannot survive without the Vine. The Vine feeds its branches the nutrients that it has to have to continue on as branches. The Vine ministers all the substances that the branches need to survive. We generally call these things blessings. But God has seen them as nutrients for survival in Christ. Every element of the Vine must really take root in it's branches. In so much that Christ assures you that if you abide in Him all these things will be taken care of instantaneously. He says your Father knows what you have need of before you call. So blessings as we call them are in essence nutrients through The Vine and are given to us silently for our support and continued work in Him.
It was expedient for Christ that He should go away. Otherwise His presence would have never allowed the Holy Spirit to enter into our lives. The way He does now. His death, burial and resurrection culminated the immediate presence of God's Holy Spirit in men. And in those who had originally received of that portion of Christ's Spirit. Brought forth fruit upon their branches, so that new branches could begin to spring forth also out of The Vine.
What we call miracles, are merely what God had promised us if we continued in The Vine. The full power of the growth and life of the branch and its substance. Nothing really above and beyond to God in Christ because they are the fulfillment of those nutrients. And the life of The Vine and His Holy Branches.
So in essence while Christ is declared " Lord over all ". He is still a Minister, Who is a Son, and an Heir and a Servant to all that call upon His Name. And each branch bears the same resemblance of that Glorious Vine and has become even as He is. A minister, a son, an heir, and joint heir and a servant even though you are lord over all.
These are what God has given us all on a daily basis. Everyday He is giving you brand new nutrients and causing your branch to continue to survive in The Vine. And your greatest gift was to know Christ and His fellowship each and it nurtures to salvation and everlasting life for eternal living Amen?
Nothing overwhelms God when He gives you these greatest gifts. Its His desire that everyone should receive of these each and everyday. And He exacts Praise from those who are gifted with these. But its none other than what was always foretold by God in the prophets. That men would eventually become true son's of God through Christ. And find their new lives exceedingly awesome and fulfilled in Him forever. Much to the extent that Jesus says, " nothing by any means can hurt you ". Meaning you are protected by Him as the apple of His eye..Amen?
May God bless you all of who read and understand these things in Christ Jesus. And may His blood covenant be upon you into everlasting arms forever, Amen. Gracious Heavenly Father I pray and ask that what has been transcribed here in be of some blessing to those who read and understand it as Your Holy desire for their lives. In Jesus name I ask these things Amen.

A Mother's Prayer and Devotion to God

With tomorrow being Mother's Day. I have a testimony that I would like to share about my own mother. She has long since passed away. But while she was still alive. She had one desire to fulfill. Her prayer was to see me, her son, baptized into God's Holy Ghost. She was not ashamed of what I had done...even though it had brought hardship and shame to her and my dad while they were alive. She never ceased to pray. And God being faithful to His Holy Word. Entered in. I was in prison serving a fifty year sentence for murder. My soul was decayed and destructed. But not so much that Jesus couldn't touch it and bring life to it again.
That life was generated by a praying soul...who also incorporated her small church congregation to pray for me as well. Those prayers ignited God's attention in Christ. So He left that ninety nine and came to my prison cell to see who this lost sheep was. And see if this lost sheep could be converted into a found sheep and be forgiven. Oh yes indeed, He opened His heart to me and created a clean heart and renewed a right spirit in me.
After I had done that heinous crime and shamed my mother and dad. They never gave up on me. My dad was not a Christian, but my mother had been baptized and had been born again in a Pentecostal church in a small southeast Texas town of Sabine Pass. She loved her new life as a Christian. And even though she preached to me constantly about Christ and church and things that pertained to them. I refused to come out of my corruption. I drank, smoked, cussed and ran the streets clubbing. I had traits that exalted no one but me. Filled with pride and arrogance and had a tendency to always be a gun totter. Everywhere I went it seemed that gun had to go also. But never comprehending that it would one day destroy my whole life.
Needless to say, God knew the out come of all of this from beginning to end and He knew He already had a plan for me. Just long suffering and patience is what it would take to eventually evolve my soul into His Holy Character. But through faith and assurances that my mother had in Him made for a better situation. Because God is faithful to those who fulfill His Words in Christ. And in those words written before us all in The Bible. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. It took almost six years in prison before The Lord started to deal with me. Six years my mother and her church prayed. They were " wearying that old Judge that Jesus spoke about in His mother wanted my soul avenged from Satan and set free. Her relentless requests finally came about and Jehovah had a plan. Amen! The first part of that plan was to get me to fast....because fasting is essential to eliminating the lusts of the flesh. Even as Jesus did before He also entered into the wilderness to be confronted by Satan. And when its God that calls you to that fast....He sustains your desire for food. And you can go many days without eating without any effects to your health. But it must be a fast that God Himself orders. Or else you cannot do this effectively. As He had me in fear, and, in trembling and reading His Word with fervent desire. I began to tremble and my flesh did quake horrendously. But with that fear great peace also over came me. So serene that I felt like I had been drugged. But that's God's way of reassuring you He is still very present and that nothing by any means can hurt you. Yet having never tasted of the Lord to see that He is all these things. I was confused and living in despair. Until finally I ran across 1 Corinthians Chapter 14 verse 33. The very first scripture I ever learned. It says, For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. When I seen this...I immediately knew that my confusion was from Satan...not God, and that peace that I felt so serene was indeed of God, my Father in heaven.
It was my mother's prayers that had kicked off this spiritual battle for my soul. For forty days I fasted and dealt with spiritual war fare...then at the end of showing God every ounce of my faithfulness to His word. He came and rebuked Satan and entered into my soul. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet. He came down over me. Slowly cascading like a river of fire and millions of little sparkling embers covering the inner man baptizing me into Him with this fire and His Glory..amen. Nothing equals that, nothing compares to that power and that glory. Washing and cleansing my whole soul, and every molecule is survived and pure and holy unto the Lord. This is what prayer accomplishes in Christ. You cannot escape it..once its been initiated by a Holy Ghost filled person. God becoms ever so faithful. And the results are phenomenal. The recipient of those prayers is in for a treat beyond the imagination. There are six billion people in this earth and Jehovah chose me to place Himself inside...can you even take that in. Not just a sinner...but a chief sinner.....a man adjudged of murder, who is now set free amen. All because a mother never gave up on her miserable wretched son.
My mother knew that no greater gift could she offer me than Her Jesus. That gift was one that changed my whole life. Creating in me the change that it took to get me set free from myself and the devil that had me bound. As well as free from prison. God foresee's every aspect of your life from beginning to end and in the process of time some things are in-explainable. Because He is Sovereign and complete. He chooses you and you are no longer ruler of your soul. Things are given to you in like fashion to whatever is His desire for you. You cannot comprehend them when they begin but before they are through Oh WOW are you blown away with joy and reformation. These are the Acts of God in Christ that change a man or a woman that has been fervently prayed for by someone who loves them unconditionally. And who relentlessly continues to weary God about someone else's salvation as my mother and her church congregation did for me. In the end I say Thank You Jesus for Your everlasting Love and I praise You for my mother and Her relentless prayer offerings for my soul. Bless Your Holy Name and Happy Mother's Day to all who still have their mother's here with them to love them unconditionally...amen.

God made a terrible mistake when He created man....and He knows it as His Own confession He says at Genesis Chapter 6 verse 6 says, " And it repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart ". So this let's us know that God is not without mistakes. Imagine that? But some preacher or evangelist will contradict my observation. Saying that God being perfect does not make mistakes. But without a doubt this scripture shows the depth of God's feelings about what He had done when He attempted to create human kind.
         And as a matter of fact...issue. God was so grieved with what He created He chose to " DESTROY " Man. And an attempt to cover that mistake. We too are just like that we have all sorts of ways to cover up our mistakes. Eraser's, and delete buttons, and shame. Yet still in His regrets He wanted to save face and attempted to redeem himself that mistake. By saving Noah and his wife and children from devastation of the destruction that He had purposed for all the earth. But, in His decision God also declared that His Spirit would no longer abide with man....because man was also made of flesh. And flesh was unruly and greedy and lustful and deceitful.So He chose Noah as a righteous man that found grace with The LORD. And God decided that in Noah would be nothing but the spirit of Man. And since man had become a mistake..God said, So be it. I will use Noah, his wife and his sons to replenish the earth after I destroy it. And they will not possess My Spirit. I will allow them to be wayward souls who make their own decisions and I will over look their lusts and drunkenness and greed.
       The reason that God took back His Spirit out humanity. Was because, His Spirit was striving with Humanity attempting to keep him from corruption. But the flesh, being of the earth originally was cursed after Adam and Eve's sin and disobedience. And its desires would not allow man kind to be obedient. And because of this, God was grieved at His Heart because He had attempted to make a perfect man. And lost control of him, through subtle deception of the serpent. After Adam and Eve sinned they still had the power of God's Holy Spirit, but their wisdom was diminished " Knowledge ". And while they attempted to complete the commandment that God had given them. To be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and SUBDUE IT. Their works in the flesh were futile at best. Because the spirit that they passed on to Cain and Abel. Became the ear marks of The Tree of Knowledge...which fruits were " good " and " evil ". Cain being evil and Abel being good. In these offspring of Adam and Eve was the residual power of God through the Spirit that Adam and Eve had given them through creation. But the sad part about it was there was no more eternal life present in that residual Spirit of God. Because what God had originally given them was in fact, " Power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy ". But failure to use it to the obedience of God's commandment. When He said, they could not eat of the Tree of Knowledge or they would die. Made these two mankind the grievous mistake God felt in His heart. After He looked upon the earth and seen His Spirit striving with man in an effort to hold him back from corruption. But man being of the earth and cursed because of Adam and Eve. His flesh was completely deceitful and wicked.
        So when God destroyed the earth by water and swept everything away. He removed His residual Spirit from humanity and gave them a renewed Noah type spirit merely " to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth ". But without the commandment to subdue it. Because in order for the earth to be subdued the serpent had to be defeated completely. And in essence, Satan had not been defeated as Adam and Eve had failed.
          The Good News for today is: God sent Christ to restore the soul of humanity and cure all those mistakes. In Christ a renewed Spirit of God the Father can be found. And life eternal can be restored to all that believe and are Baptized into His Holy Ghost power and glory. In Christ a New Earth was formed for those who believe and are Baptized. Because Jesus became The Sun of Righteousness who arose with healing in His Wings. That all who draw near to Him in such fashion as that He has declared. Will see a newness of life and light in that Sun of Righteousness. In the beginning at Genesis God created light and spoke it into existence....that light was not actually the Sun. But was in essence the Glory of God manifesting Himself to the darkness of the earth. And He saw the Light and said, " it is Good ". So when Christ enter the new earth people, He too, said let there be Light and saw that it was good. Insomuch that it began a " new creation " among men. Allowing also for a New Heavens to be formed, whereby now there is a door created through Him by which men can pass from earth into heaven. And rejoice with their heavenly Father forever amen? Spiritually speaking three earths have existed. From Adam to Noah, and from Noah to Jesus and from Jesus to eternity. The first earth was in essence destroyed by water. The second earth was barren and void of Spirit and there was no redeemer. And was dissolved when Christ was hung on the tree. That in itself closed the door to those of the old testament and a new commandment was given under Spiritual authority in Christ. The anointing has destroyed the yoke of the law and Moses. Insomuch that we no longer live by the fruits of the flesh to please God in righteousness. Through works of the flesh. But under the law those things were His commandments. And to those who those things were given they were much required. But under Christ a new commandment exists....that ye love one another as I so loved doing this, so shall all people know that we are His disciples if we love one another as He has so loved us. Under the new heavens we are drawn back to the days of Adam and Eve. When there existed no laws or written commandments. Its only by the fruits of the Spirit in essence that God intends that we should live now. Being in total compatibility with Him in Spirit and in Truth. Paul declares that Jesus represented Adam....being the first born among many brethren and having power to subdue principalities and powers. Delegating that power to mankind who are also born again of His Image. And given birth of His Spirit and Glory. There's no more assurance than that. Because in essence when Christ delegates His Holy Spirit to you. Your name is then written in heaven.
             Today in this world of lust and greed, is formed the same thing that created the ark of Noah. Corruption is everywhere and every imagination of every man's heart is evil continually. In these people are the same mistakes that God had made in Adam and Eve when He created them at the very beginning. And its so amazing that when Christians pray for their loved ones and friends...God sends His Spirit to that person who is being prayed for. And His Spirit strives with that person attempting to call them out of sin and corruption. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. But people of this life refuse to give up what they enjoy the most and since they do not have God's Spirit within them. They are under that old Noah mandate...being allowed to choose what they prefer over what God has in store.
           Heavenly Father I thank You for Your Mercy that endures forever and I Praise your Holy Name in Christ Jesus. That every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to Your Holy Glory, amen.               
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