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Chiyoko Takeda
only quiet on the outside
only quiet on the outside


My latest struggle has been to not tip from confident into over-confident. In one I trust in my abilities and reactions. In the other, I discount my opponent's.

With base in Okinawa and almost all US involvement in our country, much is made about how much it helps the US and very little said of how it benefits us. Seems our support is a given and little attempt is made to offer anything in return.

Faced with free time I do not even know what to do. I'm sure this will not be a problem for long.

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What does one wear to a marathon? Seems many dress up for attention and some for utility.

My uncle just told me that my father enrolled us all in the Naha marathon. Uncle will likely not finish, but my parents and I should do well.

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Received a handwritten letter from my parents today. They are in central and northern Europe this week. I enjoy travel but would not like to take over their roles.

I do not enjoy reading text describing to me how to perform a physical action. I have never satisfactorily learned a stance or throw or blow from a book. Even video falls short of being taught in person. 

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