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Unemotional lupine. Very uninteresting.
Unemotional lupine. Very uninteresting.


Sorry I've not been around here, but with no real use for this, it's not something I regularly check unless someone adds me to a circle & I get notice of that. Don't know why people still do that, but yay. Anyways, I've been busy as a beaver these last few days. Hadn't done much, but yeah. For more regular updates on me, there are other places I do that that you can click on the about page I have. I'll assume y'all are well, so I'll leave you to your day.

He's gone.

My brother's puppy is gone. Gone to a better place. We just couldn't take care of him anymore. He deserved better. The smartest thing my brother did for him was take him away from us.

While I griped a lot about him, I'm gonna miss that puppy. The only thing I didn't want to do was get attached to him, yet that's what happened. I take solace that he'll be truly happy now.

I'll miss you Chocolate.

The neglect I have for this place...

I should make a picture or something showing G+ neglect...

There's nothing like having razor sharp claws & fangs going for your jugular to really wake you up.

Dog tending is going well. Will fail at something sooner or later.

Just cleaned up the carpet stains that the puppy made. Well, most of them. Training this guy will be tough.

Time constraints are preventing me from regularly posting here. This is not fun.

Yeah, I listened to the lion's podcast & got nowhere. I'm ashamed actually. Usually make it farther, but at the start of relaxation, I went out. I did pop back 5 seconds after it ended though. I'll have to try tomorrow.

Also, had an odd dream. I was in the kitchen in my bathrobe making homestyle potatoes while people were complaining & yelling at me. I don't know either. :/

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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet and an awesome Tegra Zone power pack full of goodies (Jawbone JAMBOX, keyboard dock, and more) for doing close to nothing.

See the link to enter.

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Going back home. Will go through San Francisco to stop for lunch & stuff. Family is exhausted.

Oh, give me some alcohol suggestions! I must get some while I'm out & about.
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