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Gnome Hunter Shenanigans. faffing and off topic chat with myself and @InMyOwnDreams (wish her Happy BDay) Enjoy / RTs adored!

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A huge (uncomfortable) chunk of personal with a smidgen of #Warcraft

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What was I thinking!

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Musing 000001

These last few days I've been flooded with memories of a whole different life lived 25 plus years ago. A time between the strictures of education and the tyranny of real work.

Helped by such wonderful blasts from the past as Mona Haraldh​ and Steve James​ I'm remembering things that happened a quarter of a century ago clearer than those that happened last week.

There are, however, some frustrating gaps. The fuzziness that sits between memory and dream. Perception is also playing a big part. Significant events to one are mundane to others and easily forgotten.

My kids have also started avoiding me. Fearing dad will release another long winded torrent they carefully tip toe past my door. I can understand this. If caught they can expect the 12" disco remix of "Back in My Day". Not a popular track.

Not sure if all this is healthy. Living in the past can dull the present. However while my brain is in playback mode I intend to remain fixated on it's inner screen :)

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