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vote radio and weasle via world music awards as best grup!!!!

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ts from him
What's wrong with Ugandans always pushing everyone to get married ?or have a kid? Whatever happened to people actually falling in love and choosing to be with someone for the rest of their lives? Marriage has become some sort of trendy lifestyle that is as if done for public satisfaction! Back then, making a decision to marry meant you were in love, made a choice to be with someone for the rest of your life, today, seems as though it's done for status in society, a way of showing that you can make a big decision, to show growth,...but what good is public satisfaction if you are not happy with the wife or husband you have? ...I still believe that marriage is very special and no one should handle it like a joke! People should stop always telling people,...'your not married? What are you waiting for?' ...the truth is it's not a race about who gets married this year or not, it's about the genuine happiness it gives you inside, the contentment of who you are with and how deeply you're in love no matter what comes!
You can't make a decision like that if you're not ready to consider that this will involve your children, the last thing you want is to be sad in something that you were not ready for, it will affect not only you, but your kids too and everyone around u! Marriage is not the answer to problems and public dissatisfaction, marriage is between two people, two hearts, two souls, your friends and family attending the wedding doesn't make your love for each other any stronger but what the two of you feel when you go back home and are alone, that is what makes the connection. Let's get back to the basics, let's get back to being genuinely in love, let's get back to understanding what happiness really easy, let's get back to being string beings that can make strong independent decisions, let's get back to common sense!

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I will be performing at the 'Rated Next finale this Sunday, I'll have CDs for sale at a special 'Rated Next' discount, how much do you think they'll be if all along they've been 25k?? 


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and let be known from today i just wanted to say thanks coz it is u haters who gave me the strength and courage to where  i am today
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