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Sometimes You Have To Get Lost To Find Yourself
This past weekend's edition of +Selfy Sunday was themed the "Great Outdoors."  After dealing with the wild storm Friday night and subsequent cleanup (eight hours of cutting up huge fallen limbs, dragging them away, and clearing all sorts of smaller debris in the sweltering heat) on Saturday, I was feeling a bit frustrated with Mother Nature.  So I decided to get lost in the woods for a while to restore our relationship.

Thank you +Jeff Smith and +LaDonna Pride for curating #SelfySunday.  

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Special thanks to +Dru Stefan Stone for the encouragement which made this shot possible.
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Awe, thank you.  You are so kind, +Sheighla Friel It's a greatly contemplative selfy.  I hope you and "mother nature" are on good terms again.  ;)
Dig the picture! But just don't go to far or you may loose yourself :)
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