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This is what I want for Christmas: If you can show your support for my friend Julian Sydow by joining me in donating/sharing/+1-ing this fundraiser, I would greatly appreciate it. Julian is a childhood friend of mine from Hawaii, as are the organizers Brian & Laka. Know that your donation is going towards a legitimate and worthy cause, and any donation gets transferred immediately to Julian regardless of reaching the fundraising goal. Julian is a great person who works hard and is very resourceful, and getting a new leg will help him function as highly as he and friends and family know he's capable of. Thanks in advance for your support.

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Timing is everything. Everything in time.

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I Made a Mixtape for You - Download TWENTYSEVEN

Running time: 62 minutes
01. The Barr Brothers - Lord, I Just Can't Keep from Crying [2011]
02. AM & Shawn Lee - Somebody Like You [2011]
03. Sweater Beats - Remember [2012]
04. Onra - Keep On Loving Me [2012]
05. Cream Dream - Late Night No. 7 [2011]
06. Yosaku & DJ Day - The Bottle [2009]
07. The Flavr Blue - Blame You [2012]
08. The Internet - Partners in Crime [2012]
09. Quadron - Average Fruit (10.4 Rog's Gradeschool Crush Remix) [2011]
10. Les Sins - Taken [2012]
11. Kero One - Whiplash [2012]
12. Ohmega Watts - Model Citizen [2007]
13. Blue Scholars - 27 [2008]
- Bonus Track: The Soul Pacific - My Style (Live on The genuineHI Show, KTUH FM) [2006]
As my 27th birthday approached last month, to help celebrate the occasion I wanted to make a mixtape to share with my friends. Well my birthday crept up on me and I ran out of time, and as the milestone passed I had no compilation to show for it. I let the idea fade away but a couple weeks later, a buddy saw a link I had posted to someone else's mixtape and lamented that he missed the days of "mixed tapes and burnt cds". He wondered what the modern equivalent was, and could I provide him with such a medium replete with "some good music"? So now I had the chance to redeem myself, if but a little late.
There are many compilations out there (especially at the end of the year) that are much better than mine, but I'd like to share with you what I've had on repeat lately. I hope you dig a few of these selections.
Bump it in your car, at work, or my personal favorite: in the shower. Feel free to share this post with your friends, slap it on your iPod, or burn off a CD copy for your "cool" aunty. 
Most of these tracks were released in 2011 & 2012, with a few from several years ago. All are clean (no swearing!) except for Track 8, which appropriately drops a couple f-bombs and Track 13 slips a "sh*tty" in there for good measure. A few of these artists happen to be the homies. Some are local to Seattle. The bonus track is a recording of a Hawaii hip-hop group performing live on the air back when I had a show at the University of Hawaii student radio station, KTUH FM.
Selections span from rock to Latin beats and late night house vibes to hip-hop. One remix finds its way in. To commemorate this past year, the mix possesses a sense of longing while reminiscing in the past as well as looking towards the future. This year was a little crazy, but I'm grateful to be here and looking forward to my 28th. Happy listening! Let me know what you think of these...and let me know what you're listening to as well.

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