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letting go | bree burton


how long did I hold on?

here, facing the ice
in the dark of the sky
I'm hoping you'll see the distance in me
and here, I'm treading ground I don't know~
they're overgrown~
with vines drawn in poison and things you say that you show~

how long do I hold on?

here, wearing these scars
though they run up my arms~
I'm hoping you'll see that I came quite far
and here I know the pain's not your life
you say you're made of ice
and I can't melt it down, it was carved on your crown~

how long have I held on?

you're neutrally then colored down~
until you shrink and melt
fearing I'll see you how you see yourself
but here, I know that evil's not born
and I'm growing to know
that you're just a ghost who can help me get by~
and here, I know that leaving is poor~
I don't know what to live for~
but at least if you're safe; one less reason to cry~

how long have I held on?
I can't count the times~
but I know that I've held on
and I've really tried
I don't know how long I could hold on~
but I can't let it go yet~
because I know how long I'd hold on~
_even if you're a ghost in my head~
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Thank you all sooo much~
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bree burton

Photos & Art & Sketches  - 
inspired by maleficent. 
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Thanks ^^
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bree burton

Photos & Art & Sketches  - 
faeries are fun to draw~
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bree burton

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more alice.
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Thank ya 

bree burton

Alice In Wonderland  - 
wishing i had talent like this~ 
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bree burton

FanFiction (include sources!)  - 
old friend | bree burton

(inspired by a song i heard this morning.)


the lies I made up
the end of time
the silver scars
carved on my mind
cold air is gone~
I tamed the fire
when my veins were strong and living

where have they been?
where did they go?
those gleeful lights
blew long ago
but where are the ones I used to call~
my mere and true family?

I said if you sent for me, you know I'd come~
and if you needed me, you knew I'd run
I'd come to you, but there was no one here for me
I'd run to you, but it seemed no one wanted me
what's the magic in my hands?
what's the darkness in my head?
is it me or what I am?
or am I just better off being dead?

the towers grew upon my mind~
they're falling down, and so am I
but they can't see out of their eyes~
how will I know anything?
my father's words were dark as he~
my mother's stars seemed blind to me~
yet still outside, I realize~
its nothing I'd dream of happening~

I told them all I'd come if they needed me~
if they all lied, what;s my belonging?
I'd come for you, but no one's coming for me~
I'd run to you, but no one's running for me
what's the rain inside my mind~
if they only leave me all behind?
what's the snow lied in my hands~
if I'm not cared for as I am?

I told them all I'd run to them~
did I fall for it again?
did I give myself too much?
have my hopes all gone to rust?

the lies were made up
the crimes were mine~
just lock me up
until ends of time
cold air is gone~
he tamed the fire~
his veins were young and pretty~
yet here I am~
here, bleeding clean~
those snowy nights~
and my bloody dreams
where has he been?
where did you go?
my dear old friend who'd run to me?
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Thank you guys so much~
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bree burton

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"Mrs. Lovett, how I've lived without you all these years, I'll never know!"
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bree burton

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bree burton

Others...  - 
role model. 
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bree burton

Alice In Wonderland  - 
imaginary friend~
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being irrelevant to humanity.
outer space / carry on
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