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We understand that no one wants to pay to have the same problems with their brakes repaired over and over. If you’re concerned that there’s something you could be doing different to avoid the problems going forward, just ask.

The oil in your car does more than lubricate the moving parts; it also removes heat from the engine. Over time, the oil in a car’s engine breaks down, loses both its lubricating and heat dissipating capabilities, and your engine can be permanently damaged.

One of the early adopters of modern disc brakes was the Crosley car company with their 1950 Hot Shot. Founded in 1939, the car company was only a decade old when added the innovation to the car. While it was ultimately not successful and the company folded in 1952, it was a key step in the development of disc brakes.

Cars with electronic fuel injection have electric fuel pumps that maintain correct fuel system pressure while delivering gas to the engine. When the pump fails, your vehicle will no longer run, and the pump must be replaced.

Did you know that most new automobile models have safety features that determine what electrical systems begin to go out first as an alternator loses power? For example, automatic window buttons and the radio may lose power before the headlights go out.

One of the most common kind of suspension systems is the MacPherson system. These consist of a vertical strut with a spring and shock absorber in it that connects to a steering knuckle (or hub carrier). This allows the wheel to turn while still being suspended.

Basically, cars need transmissions due to the physics of the gasoline engine. The transmission allows the gear ratio between the engine and the drive wheels to change as the car speeds up and slows down, enabling the engine to stay near the rpm band of its best performance.

If your car is progressively losing engine oil faster than it should be, this may indicate a leak in a gasket, or that your car is consuming oil. Keep a watchful eye on your driveway under where you park, and look for oil spots.

Do you know why it’s important to recycle old car batteries, rather than just throw them out? About 60 percent of the world’s lead, which is highly corrosive and flammable, comes from recycled car batteries. So, it’s much better for the environment to recycle them.

After shifting with a manual transmission, you may notice that the engine will rev up after you shift, but the car doesn't speed up the same amount. This can be because of a worn-out clutch, but could also be something more serious. A transmission expert will figure out any problems and fix them.
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