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Scott Huffines
Can't get enough of that wonderful Huff!
Can't get enough of that wonderful Huff!

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Crack the Sky

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Watch all six NASA Apollo Moon-landings at once!
YouTube user lunarmodule5 has collected audio and video from all six Apollo lunar landings into a single, six-minute viewing experience, realigning the footage by 45-degrees to give a pilot's-eye view of each module's descent.

What you hear are selected segments of actual audio from the landings, picked out by lunarmodule5 and arranged in near-perfect timing with their respective footage. It's incredible to listen to – you can hear the anticipation in the voices as the modules approach the surface, and the excitement following touchdown. (I've watched through a few times now, and the exuberant "woop!" – heard from mission control around the 5:22 mark – makes me grin like an idiot every time.)

+NASA +Johnson Space Center +NASA's Kennedy Space Center 

Credit: lunarmodule5, Robert T. Gonzalez at io9

#NASA #Apollo #Moon   #Lunar   #Landing
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