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Seth update and clarification
Hi all, Regarding the last few photo-only posts of Seth: Sorry, I didn't realize when we posted to Facebook the explanations of the pictures didn't post over here. Clearly, Seth broke his arm. He was trying to jump from one piece of furniture to another (it...

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Marmi and Papa - Gavin's parents, for those who aren't regular followers - and our nephew/cousin Ethan arrived for a few weeks' visit! (They've been here since Dec. 31, but some Internet connection issues have prevented me from posting as soon as I would ha...

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Mt. Wilhelm in late December
Gavin and Isaac took an epic trek up Mt. Wilhelm, the tallest mountain in PNG. It's over 14,000 ft. so it's also the coldest part of PNG by far! It can get below freezing at night. At a waterfall along the way The lake at base camp. It's a grueling hike up ...

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Four silly boys
As the kids would say, "Daddies are boys too!" Will's turn (minus the beard, but plus a mini tree) Santa Seth

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Christmas Day 2016
(I'm doing multiple blog posts in one morning because I have a great Internet connection and time, two truly rare and treasured commodities!) Stockings! Marcie thrilled with her socks and new nightgown from Aunt Mickey With Aunt Natalie and Uncle James on C...

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Our most recent attempt at a family vacation (November)
Vacationing with toddler/young quints is no vacation for the adults involved. Maybe that's true for any family with small children; I suspect it is! It's fun for us to see them enjoy new places, and we like going somewhere different and being able to focus ...

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Kitties and cuties
Friends of ours just had kittens. The kids were so insane about them, Gavin says it's hardened his resolve NOT to get a pet anytime soon! (Our old dog died a few months ago.) David and Seth: David doing two of his favorite things: "helping" Daddy with the c...

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Big Bro Isaac's hobbies
Okay, so this is actually not a true hobby, but I had to include it: While using the power washer to remove the caked-on mud from Gavin's motorbike, the kids tempted Isaac to spray them as well. They thought it was such fun! (Note Marcie wearing a ballerina...

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Lots of four-year-old love
These boys don't even look related, but they sure enjoy being best friends and brothers! Will and David spent two hours wrestling on Isaac's bean-bag chair yesterday, devising all kinds of games and laughing riotously. Seth was off with his daddy and the gi...

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Real Christmas
I started this Christmas season a bit annoyed with all the
cutesy, cozy Christmas songs and legends. It bothered me that the birth of
Christ is so idealized, and Jesus probably wasn’t even born at Christmas [unless
you subscribe to the theory put forth in T...
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