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New King and Queen of MOKO Malaysia set to launch.
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Chat, Share, Anywhere
nlimited Global Chat

Talk is cheap? Not when you're texting, it isn't. Plus you'll spend ages waiting for your friends to reply - time you could be spending buying shoes or learning how to whistle.

So, next time you're thinking of sending a text, why not just join MOKO instead?! You'll get unlimited global chat from your mobile or your PC, all at no extra cost - so you can talk to your friends LIVE, and make exciting new ones 24/7. Sweet!

All you need is a mobile phone or a PC, some fingers and / or thumbs, something to say and MOKO. We'll take care of the rest.

Look at me

Your face, your friends, your car, your pets, your hobbies, your drawings, your family, your songs, your smile, your life - why not show the world exactly who you are by posting a pic or vid on MOKO?

There's a place on our homepage just waiting for your pic or vid, and it's the best way to connect with countless people right around the planet. Which is why people are finding new friends on MOKO every day, people have fallen in love, there's even MOKO babies now!

All because people said "Look at me!" and other people looked.

My Place

Owning things is nice. That’s why every user gets their own little slice of MOKO to nibble on. It's called MyMOKO and it's yours to serve up as you please.

Dig inside MyMOKO and you'll find all kinds of thingumybobs to play with. My Profile tells the world your loves and hates, My Friends is where you'll find your mates.

Plus, there's My Gallery, My Favourites and My Comments - so you can keep track of every word you say, every vid you play and every pic you display.

My, my - that's a lot of 'My's!

Making Friends

Keeping up with friends can be hard work - but not on MOKO, where it's easy to keep your nearest near and your dearest dear.

Every member gets their own friends list - so they can see when all their pals are online, invite them to come and chat and even send them private messages!

Better still, thanks to tag searches, it's a piece of cake to make amazing new friends on MOKO. And, should anyone rub you up the wrong way, just press the big, red kick button and - BOOSH! - they're toast! Perfect!