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From the source- photos by Doug Perrine for National Geographic. The Maldives Islands and all its people are threatened by global warming.

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Google Art Project is amazing!

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They really know how to write great code at Google!

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Yes, some Google guys I know can tap, play music, and write morse code.
My immediate reaction was that this is something that +Ben Collins-Sussman would actually want.

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Chronic is better than the alternative.

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So many women I know are very angry. Thank you +Soraya Chemaly for summarizes why.

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Complete with great illustrations, a nice quick read from "The Atlantic." Seems not many people really know much about our democracy, and how our tax dollars are spent.

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In case you missed this post...
A few words about creating a G+ Page for your Photo Theme

#1: Please, please, please fill in the about section with at least some minimal information about the theme including a link back to you and any other curators. you would be surprised at how many don't do this and may then wonder why their theme has not taken off.

#2: If you turn on photo-tagging (which most now do), be careful and keep a regular eye on the images being tagged with your theme page name. Remember, depending on the setting anyone can tag you with any kind of image.

#3: No matter how many rules and guidelines you post for your theme participants, a significant number of them won't see them due to time differences, the short shelf-life of a post and other reasons. Relax, there's nothing you can do about it. It's the life of a curator.

#4: A page cannot comment on a post by someone who hasn't circled it. So, as a curator you will need to do the bulk of the commenting, etc using your own profile. You can ask them to circle the page, but.... see #3.

#5: Your page may have 1000 followers but, that does not mean you'll have 1000 participants, my guess is about 5-10% of the overall follower number will occasionally post with a still smaller core of regulars. Look after these people, they're the true fans of your theme :)

#6: Fill your page scrapbook with examples of the kind of image your theme is about to give a clear, quick idea to visitors of what it's about. Don't expect the casual visitor to read 100 lines of text with the detailed info of your vision, only the hard core fans will read that.

#7: Keep it light, keep it fun and enjoy it. Otherwise, what the hell are you doing it for? :)

(pd) #photothemes

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In case you missed it...
#googleplusupdate #googleplusphotos

Rearrange photos and move photos between albums

Hi, I’m +Isaac Sparrow an Engineer on the Google+ Photos team.

Rearranging photos and moving them between albums are two of our top feature requests. Today, we’re excited to launch an album organizer so you can better tell the story of your photos.

To get started, open one of your albums and select Organize album from the Options menu. With the album organizer you can:

Sort photos by time: Click Order by date to sort all photos in the album by the photo date, from earliest to latest. Click it again to sort them from latest to earliest.

Reorder your photos: Select the photos you want to reorder and drag them to their new position in the album. You can also move selected photos to the start or end of the album by clicking Move to top or Move to bottom.

Move or copy photos to another album: Clicking Move lets you move or copy selected photos to one of your other albums or to a new album.

Delete a bunch of photos: Click Delete to delete the selected photos.

Once you are done, click Done organizing to return to your album view. Happy story-telling and keep the feedback coming!
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