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I have moved to my Google Apps account:
I have moved to my Google Apps account:

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I shared the following from my Google Apps account. Please follow me there:

Uverse is down in the Bay Area. Mental note for the next time: troubleshooting by picking up the phone to listen for a dial tone would have been so much easier and faster than rebooting the router and logging into its admin interface and digging through logs and settings.

Also, I'm so glad I went with the 3G iPad. 

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A funny cartoon from a Gmail engineer.

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At first, I thought this was just a cleverly done video, but it's going to be a free game! Whee!
I want to go to there.

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The almonds were moving slowly for me, but when I used a stress-reducing technique, taking a deep breath, they slowed down to almost a standstill.
This illusion is used to measure stress. The faster the almonds move, the more stressed you are! (it's not an animated GIF)

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I loved seeing the look on the car owner's face in the aftermath.

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Wow, for photography buffs in the Bay Area, this is going to be a great experience!

Thursday, August 11, 2011, 6:30pm
Join me for a PhotoWalk!
On Aug 11th after my new talk at Google entitled "Artists and the Internet: Digitally Extending Your Natural Self", I'll be hosting a free PhotoWalk not too far from the Google campus over at Stanford. And, even better, there will be lots of Googler-photographers there you can pester with your questions around Google Photos!

The PhotoWalk is open to all skill levels and you'll find the group is very helpful and fun! Come along with any camera, and we will explore some awesome places around the campus. Bring your family, bring your's a very friendly event. I did a PhotoWalk here in Stanford last year in the rain, and it was still greatness... this photo below is the first place the group stopped.

To sign-up and see the path:

Previous Austin PhotoWalk:

Note my talk at the Google HQ is not open to the public, but the PhotoWalk is. However, the video will be recorded for later, and I'll see if I can get the YouTube people to broadcast it live.

Since there will be a lot of people, we'll have a many coaches and awesome people there. I've drafted the great +Thomas Hawk and the average +Robert Scoble to coach-it-up... This will be a mega-epic Google+ PhotoWalk -- just WHO may show up? Awesomeness!

Life is too short not to do awesome things with it... so come join us!

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Talk about sleeping with the fishes
Room with a view

Hotel Conrad, Rangali Island in Maldives. Very cool.

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I haven't tried this trick but it seems people reported success with it.

Another one for Honda owners with remote keyless entry is that holding down the unlock button will open the windows so you can wait outside instead of entering the car to open the windows.

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This is cool, and will hopefully help people discover whether their computers had been compromised.
This is important: Google has been able to detect a large number of computers infected with a specific piece of malware. If you go to Google and do a search (any word will do) right now, check to see whether you get a "Your computer appears to be infected" warning at the top of the search results. If you see the message, you need to clean up the infection from your machine.

We're trying this as an experiment to alert and protect consumers that we believe have infected machines. Please share this widely.

Added: This is malware that's specific to Windows. Remember to do an actual search (any search will do) and check the top of the search results page; don't just go to the home page.
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