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Eden Brackstone
Passionate HDR Photographer & Creative Generalist...
Passionate HDR Photographer & Creative Generalist...

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Hey guys! Xisuma - you asked for Nether Hub ideas, so I thought I'd share what I came up with on my server about a year ago...

This is all pre-1.8, so I'm sure it could look a lot nicer these days. The design aesthetic is minimalist, and based around 4-wide tunnels linking the portals together. The various sections are colour-coded with carpets, and signs name the actual locations.

I wanted something that kept the Netherrack visible given that this design is based around the ceiling of the Nether - and the contrast using stone slabs worked well. Food for thought! Look forward to seeing what you end up building :-)
Nether Hub Ideas
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The Epic Journey South — 10 Hours. 500 Kilometers. 3 Photographers. We seek the Aurora Australis.

I’m exhausted. But I feel fantastic! Last night I got a long awaited chance to revisit the passion for photography when I received a text message from close friend +Stefan Haworth suggesting I call him as soon as possible. When word of a potentially epic solar storm was exchanged, I dropped my plans for invoicing and paperwork that night and immediately drove to meet Stefan at home. En Route to get fuel and make our way south, my other good friend +Trey Ratcliff called and asked if he could join us on this mission – we were glad to bring him along, although cautioning him that it could be a very late night!

This is my story following the adventures of last night and this morning... Read all about it and view my photos here:

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+Trey Ratcliff's followup post from last night's aurora adventure...

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My first result from last night's adventure with +Stefan Haworth and +Trey Ratcliff. This shot is from the Devils Staircase, roughly half way to Kingston. I exposed for 30 seconds at f/4.0, ISO 3200.

As the night wore on, the intensity of the lights faded, but the landscaped we explored offered some unique photos that I think many will enjoy!

Stay tuned for more.

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Last night's opening fireworks display for the +Queenstown Winter Festival... Enjoy!

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Donate to a good cause. The Oatmeal is sticking it to the man and tearing FunnyJunk a new asshole... This goes to show what can happen when you fuck with people on the internet ;-)

I've donated - you should too!
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