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Third Eye Musings
CC Jean Stimmell: 6/25/14 I had a strong
unconscious urge to add an eye to this photograph I took back on 6/11/14. The
following quote by Richard Lang* captures a bit of what I was feeling when I constructed
the image. “Every line or
boundary in the world h...

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Fishing with Eagles on Father’s Day 2014
I don't have any photos I've taken of flying eagles so I'm using this photo taken in my woods of a shadow of a branch, twig, and leaf reflected on a beech trunk 2/7/14 CC Jean Stimmell Fishing
with Eagles on Father’s Day  I
was wading in the Merrimack today...

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One's identity expands inside the subtle world of ancestors and spirits
Life-sized Wooly Mammoth pointing her trunk at Russet at the Millbrook Sculpture Gardens. Bob Shannahan, an old friend, created this fabulous creature from nature's materials: sticks, vines, strawgrass, etc CC Jeam Stimmell: 6/5/14 One's identity expands in...

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Trout Fishing, Meditation, and the Biology of Risk
Trout Fishing in the Suncook River 6/7/14 Photograph by Russet When we think of meditation nowadays, we think of someone sitting cross-legged on a cushion focusing on her breath or on the flickering flame of a candle in a blissful state of tranquility and n...

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An open letter to Hanna Yata
Throwing up the Children Did I ever tell you how much I like one of your
paintings from a few years back entitled "Throwing up the Children." I'm tranfixed by  Throwing up the Children it is such a perfect metaphor for how our insatiable
human appetite to g...

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Regal Eagle
Regal Eagle CC Jean Stimmell Last weekend, while checking out the SOWA art district in
Boston, I couldn’t resist photographing this extravagantly tattooed young
woman, resplendent in her Memorial Day costume. I knew I wanted to do use her image as part of a...

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Our portal to the really real: Imaginal Imagination
I just read a fabulous essay, Toward An Imaginal Ecology, by Becca Tarnas. The ecology part of her definition  is pretty straight forward: it means approaching the world so as to perceive the relationships and dynamics of the landscapes we find ourselves in...

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Running away from monsters existing only in our minds
Angel  c. 1987 Sculpture by Joseph Wheelwright* Horse, cat, pig bones, dental acrylic photograph by Jean Stimmell 5/17/14   “Terrified, we run away from
monsters created from our own aversions. So long as perception is distorted, we
are unable to see the tr...

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Forgetting used to be a failing...
Reflections in a Province Town store front window: 4/29/14 CC Jean Stimmell Forgetting used to be a failing, a waste, a sign of senility.  Now it takes effort. It may be as important as remembering. – from The Information by James Gleick
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