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I Love This Photograph (#98) —

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Children at Puppet Theatre, Paris, France 1963
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One of my all-time favorite photos. Somewhere I've seen the entire sequence Eisenstaedt shot of these kids. I remember that I would have had a hard time choosing between two or three of the images, they were so uniformly terrific.
One of my all-time favorites, too. (You might check out the link I posted.)
I love this photo, too. I saw it on display at the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, and stared at it for quite some time. It is the epitomy of childhood innocence and wide-eyed wonder.
I agree, Nina, and I envy your experience of seeing a print in person!

For me, this photograph (possibly more than—and at least as much as—any other) also illustrates a photograph's capacity, not only to record specific details, but the mood and emotion of the moment, to contain that emotion, distill it and transmit it intact across time. This picture, in that sense, is close to miraculous.
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