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No More Holidays
MIND LESSLY Sweater  ( F21 )   | Jeans  ( American Eagle )  | Shoes   ( Aldo )   | Choker  ( Ebay ) - What's up? Another summer gone out the window, another girl with post-holiday sickness. I haven't fully recovered from the thick, hot and sweat-filled summ...

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Weekly Inspo (12)
FEELING  UNINSPIRED?  (weekly inspo - #12) HEAT WAVE : Photography by  Tumblr

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HIDE AWAY Dress  ( Zara )   | Shoes  ( Aldo )  |  Earrings  ( Joe Fresh ) | Necklace ( UO ) - What's up? One of my favourite summer traditions is staying up late watching sappy love comedies or mindlessly going through Youtube video after video til seven in...

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Come Down Easy
TWO STEP, THREE Top  ( H&M )   | Pants  ( Old Navy )  |  Shoes  ( Topshop ) - What's up? Blogging has been difficult for me as of lately because my mind tends to go off in a tangent when it comes to clothes. Most of the times I try to direct my style into a...

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Knot the Same
RIDE IN KNOTS Top  ( Dresslink )   | Trousers  ( UO )  |  Sneakers  ( Adidas )  | Earrings  ( H&M ) - What's up? Hey guys! Dresslink sent me this super cute crop sweater with a nice bondage-style knot in the front to look feminine. Not only is the fit impec...

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Sick of Staring Down
UH HUH HONEY Jeans  ( Levi's )   | Sweater  ( AliExpress )  |  Sneakers  ( Adidas )  | Coat  ( F21 ) | Cap ( Brandy Melville ) | Cherry Necklace ( eBay ) - What's up? I got a new job working at the Kids Department of Zara in downtown, which is what I'd hope...

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Song for No One
LOVE YOURSELF SUIT how I envision my Valentines Day's morning Skirt Overalls  ( Zara )   | Golden Boots  ( Vagabond Shoes )  |  Red Top  (Thrifted)  | Beret ( F21 ) - What's up? Happy Valentine's Day to all my lady friends who have that special girl/guy rea...

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Online Shops: Dresslink
WARDROBE WISHLIST: DRESSLINK - What's up? Want cute clothes for an inexpensive and affordable price shipped to the comfort of your own home? Check out Dresslink and shop at your own leisure from jackets to shoes! Still looking for something cheaper? Check o...

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Cross Your Toes
SWEETEST KILL Coat  ( F21 )   | Skirt  ( Old Navy )  |  Turtleneck  (t hrifted )  | Boots  ( Topshop ) - What's up? I wish I'd done some outfit posts for the holidays (i.e. Christmas or New Year) but I was having way too much fun loungin', relaxin', kickin'...

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A Toast To Better Things: 2016
TO NEW BEGINNINGS, ONCE AGAIN - What's up? “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -  Plato - 2015 has been the year of awakenings for me; never came a time this past year where I didn't learn something new about the world each day nor about...
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