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C rocks

Sitting in a day-long meeting about various security things, tuning out the presenter as i have to work on some crazy kernel compression code with "tricky" code like:
  latest += *ip++;
and I totally get it right.

Next presenter puts up a slide with some C code and a security problem in it as an example.  I've been doing this for decades, it should be trivial to find:

int foo (...)
    unsigned char key[KEY_LENGTH];
    memset(key, 0, sizeof(key));
    return 0;

I speak up, say "the problem is..."

Get it toally wrong.  Would never have figured that one out.

Time to go eat good cheese and drink wine near the Flatiron to drown the problem of having to live with C for many more decades to come.

C sucks.

Update: fixed the trailing ')', that wasn't the issue...

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Radioactive materials ionize the air, so it starts conducting currents between the wires. :)
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Well fuck. I've had fears of government influence of open source projects, but I've always felt tin foil hat about it. #truecrypt

Not sure if being trolled or hacked. Never good. Thoughts?

The message on TrueCrypt's new website got me thinking:
Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues

Let's isolate the first letter of each word:
(U)sing (T)rueCrypt (i)s (n)ot (s)ecure (a)s (i)t (m)ay (c)ontain (u)nfixed (s)ecurity (i)ssues


Let's spread that!
uti nsa im cu si

That is latin for
"If I wish to use the NSA"

Stay away from future Truecrypt releases. This is clearly a warning from the developers.

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How to really generate random numbers. - A try

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When you follow a terrorist on Twitter, Twitter suggests other terrorists you might want to follow.

If you want to discover the Twitter accounts of mass-murdering, child-killing psychopaths, Twitter can help. 

If you follow a terrorist or terrorist organization, Twitter will suggest others for you to follow also. Gosh, thanks, Twitter!
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