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Assemblies of God missionaries Zambia leadership development adult literacy
Assemblies of God missionaries Zambia leadership development adult literacy

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We have just posted our fall newsletter on our website. You can view it at:

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We just put a newsletter up on our website which you can view at:

Great Commission 2
There are about 27,000 people groups (to use the "missiological" term) in the world today, and Jesus has called us, His Church, to make disciples in all of them. Why is it important to think in terms of people groups? Because language and cultural differences are barriers to the spread of the Gospel. In the major cities of the world today, Christians often find it easy to reach their friends and relatives that are like them, but they struggle to effectively share their faith with their non-Christian next door neighbors. Often this is because those next door neighbors see themselves as a part of a different ethnic group and that group is by definition Hindu, Muslim, etc. and not Christian. To change their religion would mean to deny their ethnic identity. Making that initial penetration of a new people group is a great challenge! But once even a few percent of a people group becomes followers of Christ, it makes the further spread of the Gospel that much easier, because someone contemplating becoming a Christian feels they do not have to change their identity to do so. We need to pray for unreached people groups: 1) Pray that the Lord will call and enable believers to share their faith in a way that is understandable to the unreached; 2) Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict members of unreached people groups of their need for a Saviour and the truthfulness of the Gospel; 3) Pray that the Holy Spirit will break down those barriers that have hindered unreached people groups from hearing the Gospel as something for them; 4) Pray for those from such groups that have already found Christ, that they will be bold in sharing their faith with their family and friends!

Great Commission 1
Jesus told his disciples " you go, make disciples of all nations..." The Greek word translated "nations" is "ta ethne". It doesn't mean nations as we think of nation-states today. It refers to a group of people with a common language, culture, etc. and would be better translated ethnic groups.  How many ethnic groups are there in the world today? A round figure of about 27,000 is commonly used. Jesus commanded us to make disciples of ALL of them. Many of these groups have been reached, but roughly a fourth of these people groups (as missionaries often refer to them)are classified as unreached, without an opportunity to hear that God sent His Son so that they might spend eternity with their Creator. For the Great Commission to be fulfilled, these people groups must be reached!
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