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Epstein on Natural Law, Ancient and Modern
A few brief thoughts I may return to later, time and study
permitting. One of the many wonderful things about our modern life is
how quickly and easily accessible things are which would have been either
inaccessible or time-consuming to access just a few br...

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The Best Defense is to Take Offense?
This week Dr. Bob Wachter wrote a blog post that is the
first attempt I am aware of by a member of the ABIM leadership to defend the
organization against the now widespread allegations of egregious waste and derelict
stewardship.  It can be read here:   " T...

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Why the ACP needs to comment on the ABIM scandal
It has been now over four months since Dr. Wes Fisher’s post
on the ABIM luxury townhouse and since Dr. Charles Cutler’s debate with Richard
Baron: events which began the exposure of the details of the ABIM financial
scandal.  It has now been roughly two an...

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The Board of Directors at the ABIM: Will they defend their record? Or are they apathetic, incompetent, or deceived?
For readers that would like more detail, I will refer to my prior post, as well as to Dr. Westby Fisher’s comprehensive coverage of the ABIM scandal, on his blog: Today, in Newsweek, Kurt Eichenwald wrote a piece, that updates thi...

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Five Questions for Richard Baron
First some background: There is controversy of late regarding the ABIM (American Board of Internal Medicine) and its financial dealings. Allegations range from poor fiscal stewardship to worse. This includes the purchase (and now sale at a loss) of a 2+ mil...

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Picking on Piketty
Much has been written about the weighty bestseller: Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. For brief, column-length responses that take the other side, consider, e.g. the great Richard Epstein: The Piketty Fallacy Piketty's Rickety Economics ...

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Is the Examined Life Worth Living?
At Prof. Larry Arnhart’s blog (here: ) I pose a question in the comment section that is, perhaps, unfair in its length.  Here I will attempt to answer my own question...
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