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lol, I wish I could some times :p
Very nice self critique,. since you can actually pause playing solo and you still need to be online for doing so.
Well done <.<
Any update on when the blizzard forums will be back up?
....Don't worry mom... The servers will "pause" it for me.
My mom never believes that but I tell her its true
Can't pause because the game doesn't work!
Ray Zzy
Game of Thrones. YEAH MAN
hahaha so true... If only they understood
Notice how my middle name is stark.
My sister always tells me this. Now I'll have a great comeback. Mwahahaha
haha Funny!!
i try to tell her but no the house must be cleaned while i am online lol
But if you insist, you'll get owned in real life.
i should show my mother this when she says pause it           very true!
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