Mists of Pandaria Launches September 25, 2012 – Pre-Sales NOW OPEN !
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Woot! Can't wait. Cool cover art.
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J rose
Time is running out on who I want to be my main...
Thats an easy decision when you only have one main (the way I think it should be). I have to decide if I want to play with my European friends of my US friends...
I need to delete a toon on my favorite server
Frank M
+Amy Flores I'm pretty sure you get an 11th character slot with Mists.
I'm most excited about the musical score. They're always delightful.
Frank M
I don't know about Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2. Other than it apparently being newer, how is it better?
+Frank M Visually much better. And it's different => soo much better than WoW.
I'm not saying WoW is bad, it just too boring now. Pandaria changes a lot, but it's still old WoW, it's too old.
Facebook is doing a beta test giveaway
Correction: beta test giveaway contest
Let's hope for once, they fix the damn Deadly Throw and Feral Charge bug.   I'm sick and fucking tired of getting DC'd everytime I use the damn move in the most inconstant times.   Killing Blow on a hunter running away,  what happens.  DC'd.    20 bug submissions.   Multiple users complain about it.    6 months still happening.  
Here's hoping for Burning Crusade difficulty level in Mists of Pandaria. The ease of which you can go about getting epics is my only real complaint about the game.
make it free..... I've paid enough over the years
Guild Wars 2 is ok. Very nice graphics
If you're only a WoW player, the extra $20 for "and more" is useless.  Wish Blizz would stop trying to tie all of their games together.  Besides, the mount will eventually be offered in their store, so it won't be exclusive enough to warrant spending $20 extra on a ...eh hem...."deluxe" edition.  It's just tricky marketing.  Alas, many will fall for it.
+Alex Klindt I'm just saying make this expansion free - I think the subscription should cover it.
+Jeff Graham fair enough, I only buy the boxes because my internet is really slow (it took me two days to dl WotLK), but if you were to dl online, I think it should be significantly cheaper at least for subscribers. 
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