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Ashley Norris
23 and average at everything.
23 and average at everything.

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AfterDeath Review
Synopsis: Five strangers wake-up dead on the beach after a nightclub got too
full. They sit inside a mysterious cabin surrounded by an unusual
monster and two paintings that may hold the answer to their questions…
and perhaps their escape. With the sign ...

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Clinger Review
Synopsis: Fern, an athletic track-runner with her sights on MIT, meets
Robert, a seemingly perfect boyfriend. As things start to get a bit
claustrophobic for Fern, she realises there’s nothing scarier than your
first love. Clinger’s opening perfectly enc...

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What Does Christmas Look Like Around the World? 9 International Traditions
  We are full swing with Christmas vibes at the Wolfestone office this
year. We’re all wearing Christmas jumpers as we speak, spreading joy and
putting our playlist on full – which is available below to spread cheer in your office, the commute or at home ...

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Top 5 Things to Know About Multilingual SEO
You are probably sick of the term SEO. Everyone seems to bring it up,
everyone seems to know what it is and can promise you that glorious
first page, but no one gives definitive answers about how to do it. Now
multilingual SEO one of the latest considera...

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6 Facts That Prove Renewable Energy is Global
Fuel suffers from being a finite amount. Renewable energy does not
have this problem which is why the industry seeing an enormous growth
annually. Many countries are now putting green initiatives as a main
part of plans of action. The switch is happening...

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Why Aren't You Exporting? Four Ways to Export Now!
Exports can seem a little out of reach for businesses, a feat reserved
for the big companies, but it isn’t. You could be doing it right now. It
is not as complicated as you believe, especially considering your
ability to reach global markets without phys...

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Are You Prepared to Travel Through Translation?
Travel Further with Translation As the World Travel Market event heads to London next week, we thought it would be fitting to look at how translation and other multilingual services play a role in the travel industry. Of
course language goes hand-in-hand w...

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FrightFest 2015 Coverage
FrightFest is one of the best genre film festivals around. It continually gives us sneak peeks at exciting prospects while allowing attendees to discover films from out of the blue. As always, the selection is eclectic and ranges from genre exploitation pic...

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Black Coal, Thin Ice Review
China has a lot of filmic potential and considering the size of its country, it feels like we do not receive enough artistic creations from the population leader. Around the large cityscapes are huge swathes of agrarian gorgeous land that is barely touched....

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Bait Review
Dominic Brunt moved into directing with Before Dawn, a zombie film by the self-confessed zombie-obsessive. Now Dominic Brunt has turned to something all the too real for comfort: loan sharks. After the fast-paced zombies showing the inevitability of death d...
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