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Daniel Ausema
writer, stay-at-home dad
writer, stay-at-home dad

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"The Flight of a Village in the Midst of War" in DSF
This story went up yesterday at Daily Science Fiction. Give it a read, give it a rating, share it with your friends! The story began as a flash fiction entry at SFFWorld's forum. The author notes on the story page go a bit more into some of my thoughts on t...

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Steampunk Cavaliers post on story structure
My post on " The Shape of a Steampunk Story " went up yesterday at Steampunk Cavaliers. I like to take a sideways look at stories sometimes, and these are the kinds of things I think about when I do that. About steampunk but also about fantasy and science f...

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Two story acceptances to mention
I'm excited to announce two new stories that will be published...soon, ish. Both are stories that I originally wrote quite a while ago but because of their style or approach or something could never find a good fit for them. So that makes it even better to ...

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"Untouched by Fire" published
Just got my contributor copies of this 2-volume anthology. Very cool artwork, and looking forward to checking out the many stories in it. All of them are fantasies set in or inspired by non-Western historical locales and cultures. So what's my story about? ...

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Spire City, Season Three: Unwoven is available
Common wisdom is to hold lots of big, celebratory events when you have a book release. I...chose to disappear to the woods for a few days. Admittedly I had internet access a good chunk of that vacation time, but when I did, I didn't have the mental focus to...

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"Beings of Air"
This poem was officially published in April. But Mythic Delirium staggers the works it features on the website, so this month you can finally read it (and a couple others that hadn't been released yet) for free. So give " Beings of Air " a read, and conside...

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"All Things Must Complete"
Roughly eight years ago I decided I would try writing something different, a serialization—not just a novel with the chapters tossed out as individual episodes, but something meant to be serialized from the start. About three years ago, I'd had a novella ac...

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"The Memory of Masks" in Polu Texni
Final week of school has meant not sitting down once at the computer until now... Which is why this poem came out on Monday, yet I'm only posting it today. " The Memory of Masks " is a free verse poem inspired by a scientific article about uncovering new te...

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"To Be Continued..."
One of my favorite things to see at the end of a TV episode when I was growing up were the three words "To Be Continued." Some people, I realize, hated that, but it always got me even more excited to find out what would happen next. Sure, you had a moment o...

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April, a month for poetry...
...and fittingly, since it's National Poetry Month, cruel or not. It began with the publication of two of my poems (as well as one short story ). The middle included the sale of two more poems . And then to close out the month, I sold a novelette called "Th...
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