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freedom has its price
freedom has its price

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they're the best. they're not human.

I can do server stuff, router magic, cooking, washing, ironing, forex trading, raising my own children and high speed riding. So it would be a very bad idea to turn your pussy into a negotiation condition.

.htaccess, fail2ban, iptables, chmod, chown, privileges. or nfs. should i use dropbox as document root ?

berkawan sama Joi ini lama-lama berkawan sama anak TK. suka kali ngejek profesi sysadmin pdhl dia sendiri dulunya sysadmin yg tamatan komputer. Chaos trader kayak apa itu yg suka ngejek orang ? Itu yg diajarkan dr.Rifi ? Ejeklah kawanmu sendiri ?

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bravery takes time as bravery needs knowledge.

C-Shell.... what's your special compare to Bourne Again Shell ?


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