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Et tunc nulla erat VII (And Once There Was) The
Road to Pterosaurs : Today, the long line of archosauromorphs
has only two living representatives in crocodilian and bird species; all the
rest are extinct. Diapsid archosaurs, as discussed in ‘ Et Tunc Nulla ...

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Jangled Lying Inured : To accept something that is inferior
only to back former false claims is tantamount to displacing loyalty to party
over nation. That is the crux of the GOPs drive to erase Obama’s signature
legislation in healthcare and to Hades to th...

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Ragged Breath
Ragged Breath Terpidity : I know I previously stated I would write
no more political articles, but...I lied. Currently, with what is rapidly
transpiring, for this nation and what I deem is its core values to be as a
nation, is at least worthy in furtherance...

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Walking and Chewing Gum
Walking and Chewing Gum Paralyzed : This is an article directed towards the
Christian Right and could be viewed as good ol’ fashioned grandma whipping with
a long willow tree stem. As far as other Christian denominations go, I feel
they do adhere to the eth...

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Frontyard Sense/Backyard Science V
Frontyard Sense/Backyard Science V Snow
Day : Snow is a magical phenomenon; it’s just
that in the cold country we take it for granted because it commonly covers
everything and I mean everything in the wintry outdoors. However, snow
requires specific conditi...

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Opinioned Notion Discourse American
Political Culture: American politics has taken a swing ever
more toward the extreme right. It’s obvious in its results of the 2016 U.S.
elections outcome and is following a global trend apropos of not only rogue
nation le...

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Et Tunc Nulla Erat VI
Et tunc nulla erat V I (And Then There Was) Apologies, but this article won’t be completed
until 02/01/17. Appreciate much your patience. BJA The
Road to Archosaurs : Before we get started with archosaurs,
as we did in the last article, we’ll do a little bi...

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Knocking Down Heaven's Door
Knocking Down Heaven’s Door Doesn’t
Matter : Caution: The following below is a good
willow tree limb spanking. In the eyes of an American Christian
Right, it didn’t matter electing a conspiracist, sexist, misogynist,
racist, narcissistic and foul mouthed pr...

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Remorse in Following
Remorse in Following Ending : Boy-howdy, I guess those of us who say
anyone can become president of the United States weren’t kidding. However, for
those that said anyone can grow up to be president are a bit off, for...has
Trump truly grown up? Need I not ...

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Ergo the Depredated Suspect
Ergo the Depredated Suspect Explanation : Under Obama and under Hillary, Trump has
always complained that the USA looks “ weak ,”
“ embarrassed ,” and “ ineffective ” by the rest of the world.
Only he, because of his “ good brains ”
can make the U.S. strong...
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