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Jason Summerfield
Deep cover agent for SkyNet.
Deep cover agent for SkyNet.

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Storm assessment:

Constant rain, check.

Tropical storm force winds, check.

Extended power outage, check.

Local rednecks driving up and down the street whooping in their off-road golf cart, check.

Storm: Begin
Doing: Ok

"By the end of this every player should be holding three things: (1) a character sheet with a minimum of five and a maximum of ten non-zero skills on it; (2) a clear idea of what that character is good at and the things they should never, ever try to do at all; and (3) a selection of grudges against the other players and the characters they are about to bring to life."

Thanks a lot, bash shell.

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Patch notes: "Fixed an issue where if a player drank Whisky in their apartment until they passed out, this could cause a clone to appear who would then attack them."

GTA V has become a frighteningly accurate reality simulator.

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This is my favorite April 1st moment this year.

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Dear Google Now: WTF did I search for?

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Please add to Christmas list ASAP.
Homemade Death Ray Laser Drone Bot

Video: Homemade Death Ray Laser DRONE BOT!!! Remote Contolled!!

Well.... that gives me some ideas :)
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