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Bobby Keniston
Playwright. Actor. Director. Universe-believer. Fan.
Playwright. Actor. Director. Universe-believer. Fan.

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These are my thoughts on Conversion Therapy.
Spoiler: I think it is dangerous and wrong.

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The Long Journey A Playwright Can Make: Finalizing My Play, The ReProgramming of Jeremy.
The Cover of the published edition of my play, The ReProgramming of Jeremy, available HERE and HERE . And so it is, folks... It started a number of years ago, roughly six to be exact. I had an idea for a play. I had an image in my mind of a young man, and I...

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A young man saying goodbye to the father he never knew.
On a personal note, I am saying goodbye to this project that has changed my life in a profound way. Thank you for reading.

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just the two of us in the room. I look at the small body, more like
a loose sack stretched over bones, and recognize nothing. When I was
little, I imagined he was a Paul Bunyan, because there was no one to
contradict me or tell me otherwise. I
am tol...

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Warning: This one is about sex.
But I don't think it's dirty.

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body a salt lick for my tongue as I trace her skin from belly upwards
until I settle into her neck. It is hour eighteen of a weekend in
bed, and neither one of us is tired, but perhaps a little sore. I
want to keep touching her, keep feeling her skin ...

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Religious solicitations.

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Story #498: YOUNG ELDERS
They're just boys, no matter if they're
wearing their white dress shirts, black pants, ties, shoes, and name
tags that proclaim them as elders. So I talk to them like they're
young, and don't understand why people have to be rude to them. Still, I never as...

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Quick story about cannibalism...

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Story #497: SURVIVAL
cut a piece out of my gut, threw it on the old pan that was resting
above his campfire, listened to it sizzle a few minutes, then took a
bite. He flipped the piece of my gut over, let it cook a few seconds
more, and then took another bite. He
grabbed me...
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