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+Suzy Grange I have tried everything to accept VIP in your hotels.
I think all of this is a scam from +zynga games and +Google+. It's quite simple...lets see how much money we can make by hosting your game on our server for a percentage of the profits and you never have to upgrade or fix problems. I think I need to find #Cityville neighbors that have #Shanghai shipments that I can collect.

C'mon coffee. work your magic

#Zynga and #Google+ Please help us out

I don't know what's up with #Cityville but it's very annoying.
First, I am sharing with everyone on my lists...from public to my individual groups and nothing will post to my wall. Then if I want friends to respond to a request, I have to hover over my Cityville button on the request and make sure the little box has a check in it.
Second, in order to see what my neighbors need I have to check the notifications top right by my name (some items show up there). Next, I have to click on the games tab and check the Game Notifications for more help requests. After I do that...the few friends on my list that requests actually make it to their profile, I have to go to their profile to finish off the gifting process (why can't we just have everything in one place?).
Now if that isn't annoying enough...Friends photos don't show up in the game, the game keeps timing out and friends on my list are disappearing.
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