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La primera Convocatoria de Iniciativa Latinoaméricana del Paisaje, LALI Buenas Prácticas 2016, invitó a los profesionales del paisaje, del habitat, a los arquitectos paisajistas de América Latina y toda América a participar a través de proyectos que promuevan el reconocimiento, la valoración, la protección, la gestión y la planificación sostenible del paisaje latinoamericano.
Diseños de “Núcleos Sociales” a través de los cuales que crea una Nueva Comunidad feliz y con sentido de pertenencia en el Proyecto
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Paisaje como Bien Común y Derecho en Chile y América. La Iniciativa Latinoamericana del Paisaje LALI ( y la Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje de Chile (, a través de la Red Americana de Parlamentarios por el Paisaje, inician por medio de este video, la campaña y difusión del Paisaje como Bien Común y Derecho.
Objetivo del video:
Latinoamérica no cuenta con un sistema normativo que trate al Paisaje como Bien Común.
Para configurar este sistema normativo, es necesario acceder al mundo político y legislativo para comprometerlos como socios. 
Lo primero para conseguir este objetivo es iniciar una campaña de sensibilización al mundo político y líderes de opinión.
El video REDPAL Chile es el primer paso para permear hacia el mundo político y los legisladores en el contexto Chileno.
Cada país debe develar su realidad sobre el diagnóstico de Paisaje como Bien Común, para elaborar videos (a modo de células) que reflejen el contexto local y permeen hacia el mundo político y los legisladores.
Se espera que en un plazo no mayor a un año, América cuente con la campaña completa REDPAL, para cumplir con el objetivo de comprometer a los parlamentarios en el apoyo a una Ley de Paisaje como Bien Común.
Seguimos en contacto y trabajando por el Paisaje Americano.
Corporación Patrimonio y Paisaje
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The year-end holidays are coming and with them the reflections of the past year, and the challenges and new goals for a better 2014. Last October, we celebrate the Latin American Landscape Initiative first year with tremendous outcomes; the active participation of the clusters, the landscape charters member countries, the international supporters, the agreements, and the civil society all working together headed for LALI
Thanks to all who are part of this dream, in 2014 we keep on…

Martha Fajardo
LALI chair
The Hangzhou International Congress "Culture: A Key to Sustainable Development"
Hangzhou (China), 15 May – 17 May 2013

The International Congress "Culture: A Key to Sustainable Development" will be held in Hangzhou (China) from 15 May to 17 May 2013. This is the first International Congress specifically focusing on the linkages between culture and sustainable development organized by UNESCO since the Stockholm Conference in 1998.  As such, the Congress will provide the very first global forum to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development in view of the post-2015 development framework, with participation of the global community and the major international stakeholders.

While culture was absent from the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), integrating the cultural dimension into actions and goals in achieving sustainable development is an approach that is making its way on the international level. The Outcome document of MDG Summit, “Keeping the promise: united to achieve the Millennium Development Goals” (2010), emphasized the importance of culture for development and its contribution to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Furthermore, the trend toward integrating culture into UN development policies is particularly visible at the level of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). Indeed, by January 2012, culture was included in 70% of UNDAF work plans worldwide. These figures are the result of an increasingly positive trend since the late 1990s, when only about 30% of UNDAFs included cultural 
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Miramos el paisaje resultante, enfrentamos y transitamos su problemática por un alambicado y resignado camino….y/o levantamos un nuevo paradigma…potente, renovador, simple e incuestionable?
Vision:el retorno del PAISAJE RAIZ
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Esta obra en más que un Túnel, un puente… Es el Parque Lúdico de Crespo, en Cartagena; un ensanche del litoral con una playa que protege a Crespo; un proyecto motivo de orgullo Cartagenero en la construcción de una cultura del Paisaje
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The INICIATIVA LATINO AMERICANA DEL PAISAJE LALI is promoting the seminar, still is open PLEASE JOIN IT!

As urban sprawl and landscape fragmentation continue worldwide the concept of green infrastructure has gaining increased attention from policy, research and practice. In a nutshell, green infrastructure (GI) aims at enhancing the connectivity, stability and productivity of green in its widest sense. 
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Ellen Fetzer  email: ellen.fetzer(at)

Landscape architecture has been promoting such integrated approaches but is of course not the only profession concerned with this task. In this seminar, we will explore how the concept is currently been understood by various European and international representatives. We will hear about case studies from both professional practice and research and reflect on the wider societal and environmental impact of green infrastructure.
The seminar is addressed to a worldwide target group of landscape architecture students or students from neighboring disciplines interested in learning jointly about this emerging professional and academic field. Neighboring disciplines are explicitly invited to attend as the subject depends on a multi-disciplinary approach.

People can register in active and passive mode, depending how intensively they wish to get involved. Active participants can get up to 3 ECTS and a grade and would receive a certificate from us. In return we expect a donation of 20 Euro for the LE: NOTRE institute from each participant who receives a certificate, the listen-only mode is free. The registration period
En el marco de la IFLA – SAPE Conferencia Regional de las Américas 2013
Tema: Paisaje Desarrollo Local; Ciudades Sostenibles
Guayaquil Ecuador Octubre 29 to 01 Noviembre

Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Paisaje/ Latin American Landscape Initiative. Miércoles 30 Octubre / Wednesday 30 October 

Contacto Martha Fajardo
Claudia Misteli
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2º. FORO LALI (Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Paisaje) Guayaquil
Wed, October 30, 2013, 8:00 PM

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Sea parte de esta iniciativa de la sociedad civil, acompañemos en Medellín Octubre 19!
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Eres una DURA
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President (CEO) Grupo Verde ltda. IFLA Former President. LALI chair and ILC/UNESCO member

Colombian Landscape Architect, she is also an architect and obtained her title in Bogotá. She has over 27 years’ experience in leading national and international roles, playing a key role in establishing the profession in countries all around the globe, with a contribution towards safeguarding the viability of the natural environment and towards developing and maintaining a humane built environment in cities, towns and villages.

During her presidency of IFLA, Martha was tireless in her efforts to advance education in the field in China, India, and Africa. She chairs the LALI working group, led to approval of landscape charters in several Latin-American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Martha Fajardo is Colombia’s leading landscape architect and is responsible for significant projects to enhance and protect natural and cultural environments in her native country.

Landscape design, Urbanism, Urban design