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Gold Coast School of Guitar
Guitar lessons Gold Coast | Gold Coast guitar lessons
Guitar lessons Gold Coast | Gold Coast guitar lessons

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Are you a songwriter wanting to understand the art of songwriting better? If so, you need to watch this video now. I learnt so much and I'm confident you will too. You can watch it here:

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Stop wasting your precious guitar practice time. Learn how here:

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Looking For The Best Acoustic Guitar Lessons On The Gold Coast?

Want to play the songs and styles of Mumford and Sons or Coldplay? Learn folk or acoustic blues finger style guitar playing like Eric Bibb and James Taylor? Or make your guitar a one man band like Tommy Emmanuel - adding drums, bass, rhythm and melody from the one instrument?

All the expert instruction from basic chords, strumming to the advanced levels of the 'one man band' style of playing is offered to you at Gold Coast School of Guitar.
For full details of how you can learn the acoustic guitar with less effort and more playing, arrange a FREE introductory session by clicking the link below:

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You've probably heard that for learning guitar that the Caged system sucks? Many guitar players and especially guitar teachers like me think this way. To help you understand WHY it does watch this great video:

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Are you installing the correct habits with your guitar playing? We all form habits. Good and bad. A habit will be formed no matter what you do, how you practice items and play them.
So the question you need to ask yourself is, "Are you going to install the correct one?" Learn how in this free guitar playing assessment:

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Want to make your guitar solos and improvisations sound more emotional? Learn how in this video by master guitar teacher Tom Hess:

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Life's too short too play bad guitar. Don't leave your electric guitar playing to chance. Learn what you need to be learning today. Arrange your FREE guitar playing assessment here:

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Your electric guitar playing shouldn't be left to chance…Studying with a certified guitar teacher will give you an incalculable benefit in gaining their wisdom and experience. Just by committing yourself, to as little as 1 year to this path, will do more for your guitar playing than the next 5 years, jumping from this video to that video on the net. Are you learning what you need to be learning today? Arrange your FREE guitar playing assessment here:

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I Hope You're Not Making These Same Mistakes I Made, When I First Started To Learn To Play The Guitar?
Mistake #1: Ignorance. I thought I didn't need anybody's help to learn guitar. I could do it on my own.
Mistake #2: I thumbed through all the books and watched any DVD's I could find to learn from. (no internet back then)
The next one cost me the most...
Mistake #3: I didn't start studying with a guitar teacher for nearly 2 years! If I had started with a guitar teacher from day 1, the learning curve could of been so much quicker and smoother. The books and DVD's were okay. However, they didn't deliver the help, the guidance and the support you need to learn guitar correctly. Only a qualified teacher in front of you can give you this.
Get off to the right start. Don't make these same mistakes. Shorten your learning curve and prevent the above mistakes from happening to you by going here:
Arrange your FREE introductory guitar lesson today here:

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Never forget to work on and refine the basics. It is these fundamentals, that will give you the rock-solid foundation to make you great. You can do this here:
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