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I'm quite happy with that, didn't change any settings on my s8 except turn off the always on screen cause it annoyed me, charged up to 93% yesterday and installed swift black subs theme
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Woot woot, my prime day deal came in

I'm pretty hyped for fallout 4 vr and Skyrim VR, I'm a bit annoyed that Skyrim is a psvr timed exclusive because the whole VR exclusive thing is ridiculous when they are completely different types of platforms.

I damn sure know that I'm not gonna go out and get a PS4 and psvr when I already got PC gaming hardware and a rift so things like resident evil 7 have already been forgotten by me because I refuse to buy it when there is a timed exclusive for VR.

I would never piss money away on a fallout or tes game on a console because it is mods that make the games worth anything and they are just crippled as hell on console.

I'm in no rush for a new tes cause all people will do is whine and cry about it, say how the old one was better so I'm happy with the ports

I do find the whole floating weapons or disembodied hands obnoxious as hell and no matter how many times I read someone say that your mind fills in the blanks doesn't make it true, it is extremely jarring to me just like teleportation is disorienting and it just makes me not want to play.

My mind gets all messed up if I don't see a body when I look down or just a floating hand because it knows there is supposed to be something there and it wouldn't matter if it was a stick figure, just nothing there when I look down is extremely jarring to my mind 

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Not a bad start for the year, not great but for the past 4 years after my car accident I have been unable to get steady rides in so off to a decent start.

This doesn't include the 2 12 mile rides I did before that I didn't record either, I'm not going for speed just getting used to doing it again.

And yes, I know the app is ancient but I haven't found a app I like better yet

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If you can help out please do
Hey guys, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, but I don't really know my way around Jesse's phone and I'm just trying to find his friends.
My name is Kathy Jensen, I'm Jesse Smith's employer and friend. He has spoken to me many times about his love of customizing and coding his phone and he loved to talk about his techie groups and show me the didn't things he's done to his phone, so I thought I would try to find some of those groups on his phone.
Jesse is in a coma in the ICU at intermountain hospital in St George. I asked his wife to give me access to his phone, so that I could try to reach out to people who might have known him.. His situation is dire. He has suffered a massive brain injury and may not live. If you would like to offer your support to his wife and two little girls, please consider donating and sharing the GoFundMe account I created for him.
Thank you

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Should be interesting to play with for themes and icon packs in O.

Can't wait to play with the code and see if we can extend it out, one cool thing could be adding this to other icons in different places like settings and so forth
Am I dreaming? :O

Icons in Android O can have visual effects. This thing is going to look sweet.

So far Android O is :O for me.

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It seems that there is a lot of misinformation going around right now.

The discussion is not about if OMS is our code or Sony’s, or if we used CMTE code or not (we retained authorship in both cases).

The main issue is that they claim that they developed their new system all by themselves.

See, Substratum theme apks and in particular, the assets folder structure and the implementation of variants are made 100% unique for Substratum. From type variants to manifest metadata, all of them were made specifically for Substratum, they are not standards.

All this structure, design, way of compiling and so forth is unique to Substratum.

As it stands, Slim replicated what Substratum does and are claiming that they developed the whole entire interface (frontend and backend) to our OMS base (which is very different than stock Sony OMS), and this means that it is a derivative of Substratum and even if it is 100% rewritten it was still in the intent to get around the copyright on Substratum and/or claim that they developed the whole thing.

Slim theme engine literally just replicates what Substratum does and is not unique at all and that is the issue in all of this, they committed fraud by claiming it is theirs.

This isn’t as simple or unimportant as many posts make it sound. Allowing such direct replication of our GPL licensed code to be named “original” means that it can be re-licenced as whatever they want it to be and do whatever they want to do with it, even commercializing (or close sourcing) it.

All we have been asking of Slim is to take down the builds, remove their replica system from their github and gerrit and if they want to do a alternative, fork Substratum sources and do it on top of them. Everyone is free to develop a proper fork that can be compatible with our established theme apk template.

What they have done in their endeavors in chronological order; understanding Substratum’s source code and how things should be done, rewriting it under the Apache2 license, claiming complete credit because they “rewrote” the application, and distributing a system that is leveraging on our current system - possibly convoluting it for the users and causing more issues. To put it in perspective, if you installed macOS on a Hackintosh; then when users complain, their impression is left with macOS and how it is a buggy system (because it doesn’t work completely on their hacked up machine).

We are not interested in pursuing a civil action lawsuit because it has never been our intention to hurt the community but if it becomes obvious to us that is the only way to protect our works then we will gladly go that route.

All we are asking is to do open source the right way and maintain the authorship of all the countless developers that have spent many hours/days/months developing Substratum and not try to pass it off as original development.

Giving credit to the Substratum team is not enough. We want Slim to maintain full commit history and correct authorship of each subsystem; substratum (or “frontend app”), interfacer (or “backend app”) and AOSP modifications (across all repos).

Retaining authorship is not a matter of claiming “first”. It is the proper, legal way to protect and serve the intellectual rights of the Substratum contributors on their code, so they can have a say in every action towards their code, including re-licencing it. Please read the GPL licence.

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I'll actually be sitting down with the lawyer to take formal steps on Monday but it is already a extremely strong case for a lawsuit.

Stealing code and rewriting it when it can be proven as a derivative is theft, rewriting it and also relicensing it under a commercial license is a violation of the gpl and copyright.

Slimstratum is a Kang.

Let me be clear, there is no issues forking substratum and making a version specific to a rom is the nature of open source software.

Replicating an entire system and app for the purposes of saying a alternative while trampstamping their names all over it and claiming credit for others over periods of months is not ok and I'll be damn well sure that I'm not gonna let someone Kang something I have spent years on and try to claim the work as their own.

I will happily pay the legal costs out of my own pocket.
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