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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns - infographic
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Can social media produce Return-on-Investment (ROI) in dollars, not just some fuzzy awareness and connections?

Yes it can, but you need to be strategic about it

In this infographic, +Neil Patel explains how to track the ROI of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns and use that knowledge to improve your marketing efforts.

"The key to being a good marketer is testing. If you go on your assumptions, in many cases, you will be off. The only way you can figure out what's working and what's not is through testing.

Social media is one of those channels that you ought to test. From leveraging it organically to running paid social ads, you can generate a positive ROI. — Neil Patel"

6 Steps to Measure ROI

1. Set your conversion goals.
2. Track conversions.
3. Assign monetary value to each conversion using historical data or guesstimating.
4. Measure total benefits by channel.
5. Determine total costs.
6. Analyze results and improve

Read them in detail in this visual:

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If you're an average athlete, you get cut from the team.
If you're an average employee, you don't advance in the company.
If you're an average entrepreneur, your business dies.
If you're an average student in the public schools, you're considered top of the class. WHY?

Why do we continue to fail our children with mediocrity? Why do we tell our children that being average is good? The problem as I see it, from having my children in private schools and public schools, is one crucial thing. In the private schools, they expect students to be exceptional. In the public schools, they are thrilled if students reach a level of average. The argument is that private schools have more money, they don't have to deal with all the kids who have special needs, etc. etc. In my opinion, those are excuses. These excuses give justification to educators as to why they don't expect more from students. The excuses give justification to why we don't spend more time and focus on students who are above average or could be above average if they were just pushed. 

From personal experience, I was an average student in high school. I was told I was a slow reader and put in the "Slow" class. I believed what they told me. The teachers treated me as slow and said "Great Job" when my test scores were average. Based on the feedback they gave me, I became a slow learner and average student. 

When I went to community college to get a 2 year degree, because I thought that was the best I could do, I got a teacher in one of my classes who did the one thing that changed my perception of who I thought I was.  She believed in me and expected more than being average. Let me repeat that - it's the one thing that not all kids have and the one thing that will change their lives forever - "She believed in ME and EXPECTED MORE THAN just being average from me." 

From that point forward, I expected more of myself. Who made that change in my life? A teacher!!!!  I went on the graduate with a 4 year degree from UNLV and run my own businesses. Something I doubt I would have ever thought possible if a teacher hadn't taken time to believe in me and expect more from me, than I did myself. 

Teachers can make a change and many do. But it's the educational system overall that needs to start expecting more from students. Don't look at our children and think "Average is good". Expect more. They deserve it. Two things you can do: Tell a student/child you believe in them by showing them and don't let them settle for being average. Expect More.
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Live +Guy Kawasaki presentations he puts together. This is perfect for companies struggling with who they are.
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Great quotes
“Don’t worry about failure. You only have to be right once.” -- Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox

#entrepreneurship #businessadvice #inspiration
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Why You Need to Hustle Content: A Lesson from The New York Times Innovation Report

"Content hustling means sharing an idea across multiple distribution channels ranging from a brand’s website to its social media spaces. Content hustling requires companies to empower employees to act as brand ambassadors, relying on their personal networks to share corporate thought leadership. Essentially The New York Times takes itself to task for being a woeful content hustler.

“Readers are finding and engaging with our journalism in vastly different ways,” the report asserts. “More readers expect us to find them on Twitter and Facebook, and through email and phone alerts. But the newsroom pays less attention to these platforms, even though they offer our main, and sometimes, only channels to tens of millions of readers. Here, too, we are lagging our competitors.”

The report calls out Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and USA Today for aggressively sharing its content in ways that The New York Times does not. “. . . Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and USA Today are not succeeding simply because of lists, quizzes, celebrity photos and sports coverage. They are succeeding because of their sophisticated social, search and community-building tools and strategies, often in spite of their content.”
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The Internet In Real Time [Infographic]

You must go see this live-- one of the most creative uses of a real-time infographic I've seen in a long time! I love this kind of stuff! 

Go see it live right now:

The screencap I have below only shows 30 seconds but it will keep going and going as long as you're on the page! 

The creators of this infographic (that may not even be the name for it) basically took data from all over the place such as:

- Number of tweets in a day
- Number of hours of +YouTube watched every hour
- Number of +1's per day
- Number of Apple and +Android apps downloaded every day
- Etc...

And used that data to break down that data by second so that they could display it in real time. Really brilliant stuff. I almost feel like it's worthy of it's own blog post on #idea  

Anything about this surprise you?

HT +Irfan Ahmad and +Christine DeGraff for the find! 

#infographic   #stats   #gif  
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Social Media Blogging - Good stuff
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Content Marketing is King in case you were wondering.
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