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Eltra Africa C C - Analyzers (Carbon,Sulfur,Oxygen,Nitrogen,Hydrogen) & Laboratory Equipment

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Carbon Analysis & Sulfur Analysis
The determination of the carbon and sulfur content in solids is a routine application in laboratories and production. Depending on the sample material, different analyzers are used. 

Organic samples are usually characterized by a high carbon content (60 – 100 %) and combustibility (e. g. coal, coke, wood). The complete release of carbon and sulfur takes place at temperatures of approx. 1,300 °C (or less). For this purpose analyzers with a resistance furnace are most suitable.

Inorganic sample materials, however, have a considerably lower carbon content (from a few ppm to a max. of 10 %) and are usually not combustible. Carbon / sulfur is released at high temperatures above 2,000 °C which can only be achieved with an induction furnace.
cs-2000 combustion analyzer with analyzer operator

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzers

CS-800 for inorganic sample materials
The CS-800 is a carbon / sulfur analyzer with induction furnace for analyzing inorganic sample materials (e. g. steel, cast iron, refractory metals, ceramics).

CS-2000 for inorganic and organic sample materials
The CS-2000 is the only carbon / sulfur analyzer in the market equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace (EDF Technology). It is suitable for the analysis of inorganic sample materials (e. g. steel, cast iron, refractory metals, ceramics) as well as organic sample materials (such as coal, coke, oil).
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1.       Sulphur is a very popular element and is used in a variety of different ways. There are different forms of sulphur such as pure elementalBurning-sulfur 

sulphur, which is found in many places such as around volcanic rock, or sulphuric acid. Pure sulphur comes in the form of a soft yellow rock. Sulphur is most often extracted from coal and petroleum. 2.       One of the coolest things about sulphur is that it becomes a red liquid and produces a blue flame when burnt. Sulphur is mentioned in the Bible as brimstone, as in the fires of hell. The word brimstone actually means “stone that burns”. 

3.       A wide variety of industrial processes depend on sulphur, for example the production of copper and zinc, phosphate fertilizers, pulp and paper and many more. It is used to make hundreds of compounds needed by our modern industries. 4.       Sulphur is often used for health purposes. Drugs made with sulphur fight meningitis and ointments containing sulphur can be used to treat skin infections. 

5.       Foods that are rich in sulphur are also important for a healthy diet and it is mainly the sulphur in onions and garlic that give these foods their health benefits. 

6.       Sulphur concrete is a relatively new corrosion resistant building material that is both economic and durable. 
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The TOC (total organic carbon) content is an important parameter to 
characterize materials like soil, rocks or cement. It can be determined by 
controlled combustion at a fixed temperature, by application of a 
temperature ramp or by adding acid. ELTRA offers high-performance 
combustion analyzers for all these methods.

The CW-800 and CW-800M are suitable for the determination of both 
TOC and TIC (total inorganic carbon) content in one sample by 
application of different carrier gases and temperatures. The CW-800M is 
used for applications with temperature ramps. 
Due to their robust construction the combustion analyzers CS-2000, CS-
800, CS-580 and CS-580A are suitable for measuring acidulated 
samples. They operate with gold cuvettes which replace the costly 
halogen traps. The use of sample loaders facilitates the handling of 
larger sample series.

ELTRA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of elemental analyzers 
for rapid and accurate analysis at affordable prices. Starting with 
combustion analyzers for carbon and sulfur determination in the early 
1980’s ELTRA has extended its product range over the years with 
analyzers for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen as well as 
thermogravimetric analyzers. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide 
are proof of the quality and reliability of Eltra instruments.
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A complete analyzer set consists of the analyzer, balance and computer. 
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