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Elisa Richardson
Michigan-based with wandering feet. There's so much to see!
Michigan-based with wandering feet. There's so much to see!

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Mountain Warehouse Trackables
Speaking of free trackables... look what we have! Moose Willis, Meryl Sheep, and Jimmy Talon The fabulous ShelleyJean and I made our way across Canada recently (that tale is coming soon to these pages), and we found ourselves crossing paths with several out...

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A Pirate Life for Me!
So much to share because it's been an epic geocaching 10 days, but I'm exhausted. Watch this space for recent adventures that include famous waterfalls, mind-numbing cemetery puzzles, a multi-state road trip, and, of course, Midwest GeoBash.  To give you a ...

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Cache Maintenance Caddy
Whenever we border cross into Canada we clear out our trunk. As we were replacing my cache maintenance caddy after our last border crossing, I realized this might be a good thing to share.  My caddy is a flat-bottom, reinforced Craftsman toolbox with extra ...

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GEO-Words With Friends
Can you believe this was unacceptable?  The developers were obviously not geocachers :)

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Happy Canada Day! 150 Years!
If you live 9 miles from the US/Canada border, it's only right to spend Canada Day (especially their 150th birthday) in Windsor! TaGeez and I arrived later than usual due to tunnel traffic, but we made a beeline to Heavenly Rest Cemetery to visit our friend...

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Another Windsor Adventure
Saturday was a beautiful day for a sendoff for our good friend, Othum. We celebrated his memory the same way he celebrated life: we had an adventure with friends. And Windsor was at its colorful best! ALLEY ART WALK - START AND END  GC6N7EM & GC6N7F0  When ...

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Farewell Sendoff to an Old Friend
RIP Steve Elsbrie "Othum" 1960 - 2017 RIP old Friend On Saturday, TaGeez and I crossed the mighty Detroit River to send off a helluva good guy. Dear Othum was laid to rest at his final GZ. It was a Geocacher's funeral, and Othum thought of everything! There...

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Who Let the Geo-Dogs Out?
With some recent changes in the neighborhood, TaGeez and I had a brainstorm about a new geocache hide. Who Let the Geo-Dogs Out? GC77K1N Oh, I wish there would always be… Endless days caching with you and me! Leave all your worries behind… As I will make yo...

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Even Assassins Have Birthdays
WE PULLED IT OFF!!!  WHAT.A.HOOT! Two weeks ago I received a message from the cAche ssassin  (further called TCS) of San Diego. Half of Team Assassin , Ezio Cachitore , had moved to Troy and TCS wanted to surprise his buddy for his birthday. As my geocache ...

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RIP Othum
RIP OTHUM We lost a very dear friend today. Steve Elsbrie (AKA Othum), lost his battle with cancer.  Whether you were the fifth or five thousandth newbie to cross his path, this friendly Canadian always had a funny story to tell... on and on and on.... Stev...
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