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SharePoint 2013 Rating Control Rendering issue with IE
If you have the
“AverageRatingFieldControl” added to a custom page layout in SharePoint 2013,
and visited by Internet Explorer 10 or newer, you will notice that the images
are not loaded after the initial page load, but they do show up after a page

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Start SharePoint 2013 workflow programmatically
this post I’ll describe how to start SharePoint 2013 workflow programmatically.
If you tried to start SharePoint 2013 workflow using SharePoint 2010 using
“WorkflowManager” then it won’t be worked, you need to use new SharePoint 2013
set of API to work w...

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How to hide Quick launch in SharePoint 2013
Using CSS is the simple way to hide the Quick launch. Actually it hides the entire area of Quick launch is placed in, and gives you access to the whole areas width. Simply add a Content Editor Web Part in the page and edit it with “Source Editor”. < style> ...

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