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Great fun!

One for your list +Suzanne Seyghal Buckingham

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A functioning democracy needs a functioning opposition

"These days, we look back on the Kindertransport – which saved nearly 10,000 Jewish children who, like Dubs, were fleeing the Nazis – as an act of noble British compassion. Compared to today’s miserly numbers, that pride is justified. But it’s worth remembering that the reason children rather than adult Jews were rescued was not only because fewer bureaucratic hurdles were placed in their way. According to historian Anthony Grenville of the Association of Jewish Refugees, it was also because “small children were easier to get past hostile public opinion”.

The government, he told me, “wanted to avoid Daily Mail photographers taking pictures of adults coming down the gangway at Harwich”. (In that same spirit, the Gestapo would closely inspect each Kindertransport train, making sure only children were on board.)

Perhaps it’s the hardening of the British heart following those Calais pictures that explains why May felt confident she could break her promise to 3,000 despairing kids. But there is another reason too. For hers is a government that knows it faces no coherent opposition.

Note the attention paid to the archbishop of Canterbury – along with a few rebel Conservatives – for speaking out on the Dubs scheme, just as the Speaker, John Bercow, made waves by vowing, successfully, to block Donald Trump from addressing parliament. They are stepping into a vacuum where the official opposition should be.

The most obvious demonstration – and explanation – of how badly Labour is broken came with this week’s Commons vote on article 50, triggering Britain’s exit from the European Union. Labour was in pieces on the issue; even the whips defied the whip. Labour proposed a series of amendments, every last one of which was defeated. And once they had been, Jeremy Corbyn – a man so loyal to his conscience that he rebelled against a Labour government 428 times – led his MPs into the division lobby to vote in lockstep with a Tory government. As one Twitter wit observed, Labour’s position amounted to: “Give us everything we want, and if you don’t, we’ll give you everything you want.”"

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Silent camera, at last!
"And finally, there's a pretty familiar addition: The option to mute the camera sounds. This is a pretty standard feature is most other camera apps and I'm sure it requires no explanation. In this case, it disables both the shutter click and the countdown beeps that come with using a timer mode.

With camera sounds disabled, users won't have to change their system volume each time they want to snap a picture without drawing the attention of nearby animals, bothering people in very quiet settings, or whatever scenario might call for absolute silence.

Note: This feature may not be available in some countries. This is possibly due to local laws that specify cameras must make a sound."

Cc +Suzanne Seyghal Buckingham​

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"About a quarter of Trump’s time since he took office has been spent in Florida — mostly at his Mar-a-Lago resort but also on the golf course.

Trump’s team is keenly aware that the president spending a lot of time on the golf course is a bit questionable. That’s not because presidents don’t deserve downtime, mind you — it’s just that Trump was an outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s time on the golf course. “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” he said last August.

But he’s found time. Trump’s hit the links at least six times since he took office. On at least five of those occasions, he played a full 18 holes.

On Sunday, the administration claimed that he’d only played “a few holes” both days this weekend. That was revealed as untrue thanks to a blog post indicating that Trump was joined by professional golfer Rory McIlroy for 18 holes two days ago. (The administration’s response to the truth coming out? “He intended to play a few holes and decided to play longer.”"

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..and we're on the fast-track to Star Wars overkill.

Cc +Nick Budgen​
Han Solo - Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. A new Star Wars Story begins.

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