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Think! It ain't illegal yet.
Think! It ain't illegal yet.

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What's the chance of Debian reviving their support for the ARM architecture so that Stretch can be Stretch, ARM-strong?

Just found this:
I like my women like I like my file systems; FAT, 16 and easily

...I'll get my hat.

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Today I was asked:
So you are or are not in support of forcing a homosexual bake shop
owner to design a cake with the inscription of God Hates Fags?

I answered:
Were I a baker and owned a bake shop which was open to the public I
would welcome taking the money of people I dislike. I'd charge right
through the nose (a tactic which is totally and completely legal).
Like this:
"Swastika? Yessir, absolutely! That'll be $12,000, 3/4 of it up front
and it'll take four-to-twelve years for completion. Would you like an
SS logo to go along with that, too? Only another $15,000 (same 3/4
retainer percentage applies again), plus a couple of years lead time.
You see, sir, there are a couple of Repuglycan's ahead of you who want
their elephant raping a donkey on a home-baked apple pie."

"Oh, you wanted those on a CAKE? That's gonna cost extra..."

It's always my pleasure giving you the business!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most
intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
Charles Darwin

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THIS is dignity, humanity and adulthood:

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Over in that limerick Usenet group,
Observer wrote:

The dictator, Castro, has died
And most of the liberals cried,
Distraught that an idol
Left them suicidal
With sadness they just can't abide.


...and I replied:

For leaders there's mighty slim pickin's.
The new ones are worse than the dickens.
At first they may thrill us,
but, later, they kill us
and meanwhile they all steal our chickens.

(and a thanks to the, "Young Indy," TV series for the idea!)

Idea source from the series:
"Listen, years ago I rode with Juárez against Emperor Maximilian. I lost many chickens but I thought it was worth it to be free. When Porfirio became President, I supported him – but he stole my chickens. Then came Huerta and he stole my chickens. Then it was Carranza’s term, and he stole my chickens too. Now comes Pancho Villa to liberate me and the first thing he does is steal my chickens.(…) What makes one different from the others? My chickens don’t know. All over the world revolutions come and go. Presidents rise and fall. They all stole your chickens. The only thing to change is the name of the man who takes them."
―Old man in pueblo

#limericks   #poetry   #castro   #cuba #youngindy  

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Once, In a Linux newsgroup far, far away, HoneyMonster wrote a limerick:

This newsgroup is far from a tonic
Its sickness is clearly quite chronic
Trolls, Win-droids and flamers
Administrative lamers
And screensaver addicts moronic.

...which induced me to reply:

It, at the same time, has a flavor,
despite the occasional raver,
of penguin-like facts
and other kind acts
that induces in me a screen savor.

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Somewhere on Usenet (yeah, it's still around) a fellow was denigrating the early command line Ubuntu installer, saying, "I have absolutely NO idea how to drive Linux from a command line. I'm sure I will progress to
that but it's not a priority right now."

I guess my reply was TOO snarky:
<tongue firmly inserted into cheek>
Yes, that command line is /so/ intimidating! How dare a modern and
'user-friendly' OS installer ask one to actually /type/ what one
desires? It's so /easy/ to massage an iconic picture with a mechanical
I mean, really, if a choice is available shouldn't the OS installer pick
the best choice /for/ me? Why would it ask me to make my own choices with some esoteric command like:
when I could look as some pretty color pictures of <nothing at all>
and then choose which one best fits what I think I think I would like to

And the way it insists upon to actually get the computer to acquiesce
to a choice one may make is all too confounding, too. Come on now, I
have sat up all night waiting for my computer to actually /do/ something after entering one of the vile CLI commands (shutdown now) until my wife woke up and asked if I had told it to go ahead and process the command.

Yes, I found that you must make use of that big key, labeled, "Enter,"
before the stupid command line will run its commands! What a
badly-named key! It always reminds me of, "inter," which next makes me think that I will be buried under all the illogical and arcane /words/
it makes me type.

Perhaps if the key had a pretty picture of someone /doing/ something
or had a phrase which made sense to me like, "engage," or, "make it
so," I could better understand that it must be depressed before it can
get anything accomplished. (much like my Ex-wife, that)

In fact, the interface to my wallet is much easier; each item therein is
represented, not by some fiddling command or iconic representation of
what someone else thinks my desire should look like, but by the /actual
stuff/ it contains! Making choices from my wallet is so much easier; I
just locate what I want (it looks just like it looks because it is what
it is) and choose it with my fingers. No more searching through tab
completion of some unknown/unfindable website to get (for instance) my driver's license or My Money. I just pick and choose and, voila! There it is!
Why can't the Ubuntu text installer be like that? After all, my
driver's license and My Money both contain /text/.
</removes tongue, much to the delight of the group>

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+Brian Andersen asked what all those ingredients I posted made. Here's a snap of the finished product awaiting delivery to That Danged Wife's business associates and vendors:

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This is well worth a read:

We're going back, back
To the good old days,
When men were really men
And women knew their place;
Back, back a couple of centuries,
And welcome back the days
Of the theocracy!

Go to the site.

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Oh, I feel this is soon to be in the air again. Can't wait!
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