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Tyson McKenzie (entysd)
Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.
Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.

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If you know anyone looking to sell their products online, please share this link or tag them. I'll build you a fully functioning, and mobile friendly ecommerce store.

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Uber saved me last night (and didn't have to pay for it thanks to this coupon code). Never used it before, but I highly recommend it. The cool part was seeing the car on the map while the driver was on his way to pick me up, took only about 5 minutes after requesting the ride, wayy better than a taxi. If you register with the attached link, it will give you a $20 credit on your first ride. Register now, then use it anytime, anywhere. #uber

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Americans don't want war with Syria. Our "leaders" are trying to lead us into a WWIII and it seems to all be in the president's and congress' hands at the moment. Also, what's with Kerry dining with Assad back in 2009, and now he's trash talking him and bluffing the public?

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New camera has been developed that can capture people's auras. I'm amazed..

Carlo Van de Roer's Auracam 6000 photographs capture the colors of a person's soul | Mail Online

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Knew this was coming. Lots of impeachable offenses, and this petition doesn't even touch on his fraud birth certificate.

As I've mentioned time and time again, we are about to see the biggest fraud in U.S. history become exposed completely. This is very bad news for the O administration and Mr. Prez, who is a fraud himself. Just give it some time...while you're at it, read this shocking article:

Carl Gallups reports that he just had a telephone conversation with Mike Zullo immediately after Mike made his public presentation at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri, this morning.
According to Carl Gallups, Mike Zullo reports that the overwhelming response of the lawmen and elected officials is that of absolute SHOCK. Zullo said that "audible gasps" could often be heard during his presentation.  He said that one official came up to him afterwards and said, "I have been purposely ignoring this matter - until NOW! I will ignore it no longer."  Zullo reports that several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials, and others are now pledging full and personal support in moving this matter to a congressional investigation. Zullo says that the media blackout has kept many of these officials in the dark. He says most of them are now outraged - now that they have seen the evidence that they should have seen from the beginning. Now, Zullo is reporting, the media is being 'side-stepped.' "We are making inroads and contacts that we have never made before. This conference is really going to 'pay off' in moving things forward. Very important people are now beginning to see the amassed criminal evidence of perhaps the biggest fraud in American history. They are moved - they are shocked - and they are ready for action. Plans of action are now being laid at this very conference. This meeting could prove to be monumental."

Zullo continued, "The evidence in this criminal case is overwhelming and undeniable. The only identifying document that Barack Obama has ever presented to the American public is a 100% verifiable forgery and fraudulent document. It is a criminal offense to use fraudulent documents to gain political office - much less the office of POTUS and Commander-in-Chief. We knew that once we could get this information before the public, and especially lawmen, congressmen, attorneys, and legal officials - we could get the ball rolling on a congressional investigation. We have some shocked officials at this conference. Think of it - all these lawmen, lawmakers, and legal officials just saw the evidence - not  one has challenged the legal credibility of what we have. The ball is now rolling."


Congressman Steve Stockman (TX) was the Keynote speaker at the convention last night. He too has now heard Zullo's presentation and more than likely will be in the private 'credentialed' presentation today as well. You might remember that Stockman has already gone on record threatening impeachment proceedings against Obama for unconstitutional matters regarding the Second Amendment.  It is our understanding at PPSIMMONS that Congressman Stockman is very concerned over the matter of the Obama Fraud case. 

Remember - this movement Zullo is speaking of -  is the result of the PUBLIC presentation only. The full PRIVATE presentation for lawmen and elected-officials-only (credentials checked at the door) will be made later on today. In that two hour meeting, Zullo, with full authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pledges to reveal all the criminal investigation material they possess in this matter. We can only imagine the reaction and outrage that will ensue once these constitution loving, patriotic officials see the pile of criminal evidence.  Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups have been promising for months that we would soon see some forward movement in this case. It is now happening.

Carl emphasized, "This Sheriffs and Peace Officers meeting was just icing on the cake. This was dropped in our laps just 5 weeks ago. We still have other VIPs and other plans being made now that are even bigger than what is happening at the Sheriffs Convention. This matter is finally going to be heard as it should have from the beginning."

Carl continued, "Very soon, certain members of the media, the courts, and congress are going to look very silly. They have been ignoring this, sitting on it, marginalizing it, and flat-out trashing the matter for years. They will soon be seen for what they are. This matter should have been investigated by Congress years ago. It is their constitutional mandate and they ignored it - purposely. This whole thing could have been resolved one way or the other years back. The media blacked it out. But we don't need the pundit media anymore. We are going around the MSM. We have other venues now. More and more, very important people of constitutional standing are being enlightened and coming on board. Soon, the world will know that we have been correct in this matter all along."


Carl Gallups
When asked about those who are DEMANDING that Arpaio and Zullo "press criminal charges now" - Gallups had this to say, "Look, those people do not know what they are talking about. Most of that talk is coming out of the Obot camp - so what does that tell you? They know that would be the wrong and premature thing to do. They know that if something like that was done now  - the case would be lost - there would be jurisdictional and prosecutorial matters at stake. Mike Zullo has explained this in detail, time and time again.

"If the case were to be struck down because of a blunder like that - it might never come to a congressional hearing. The detractors know that - that is why  they are trying to turn public sentiment towards filing criminal charges now. Anyone who claims they know what they are talking about and they are screaming for "criminal charges to be filed now" - be wary of them. They are up to no good. They are purposely trying to derail this case. Zullo and Arpaio are not that stupid. They know what they are doing. Arpaio and Zullo have almost 80 years of professional law enforcement experience between them. Arpaio has 30 years of federal law enforcement background. He knows how this game is played. This will soon be handled the way the constitution demands that it be handled. And when it is handled properly - it will stick!"

Gallups went on to explain, "These detractors who are calling for criminal charges to be filed - some of them have supposed 'credentials.' Some of them claim to have their own evidence. One person claims to have amassed an entire case against Obama and even has a website touting that they are the world's leading authority in the matter. Yet, they have not moved this case forward one iota." 

"Here is my question" Gallups said, "Why are they pushing Zullo to file criminal charges? Why don't THEY take THEIR case to THEIR Sheriff? Why don't THEY file criminal charges? Why isn't THEIR attorney general dealing with their criminal evidence?  Why is it incumbent upon Arpaio and Zullo to 'file charges?' Pretty telling isn't it? Yes - I think it is. The CCP knows what it is doing. Soon, the whole world will see. In the meantime, the detractors are becoming more and more irrelevant."


Gallups continued, "You know - I can't help but think of the shame of people like Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck who have called us names and trashed us for years. Think about it - real lawmen, doing a real live criminal investigation for years, amassing tons of court-ready criminal evidence that goes to a matter of a potential constitutional  tragedy and travesty and O'Reilly and Beck have trashed them! Makes you wonder - doesn't it?  How about Hannity and Fox News? They have largely ignored it - even marginalized it. Even Drudge has ignored it. I am personally aware that many of PPSIMMONS exclusive stories and interviews with Zullo, radio interviews, etc. have been ignored by Even Limbaugh has given only scant coverage to this issue - mentioning the matter in 'code' from time to time. These guys are going to look completely irrelevant when the largest scandal in American history (and perhaps world history) is finally exposed and it is revealed that all of these guys purposely ignored it and some of them even trashed those of us who stuck by our principles of constitution and law. Yes - it is going to be very embarrassing indeed. The only large media source that has covered this from the beginning is" WND is America's largest independent internet news source.

Listen to Mike Zullo at the Sheriff's Conference reveal that the media was THREATENED and told NOT to report on the Obama forgery scandal! 


Gallups addressed a matter of a certain congressman that he claims he will 'expose' very soon for the scandalous way that he treated Zullo and the investigation. Gallups said, "Yes - it is true. I have promised it and I will do it. I am waiting for the right time. It will happen soon. Zullo and I met with this congressman and his chief of staff on Capitol Hill in a conference room. Arrangements were made for Zullo and I to travel to the congressman's home state and Zullo was to bring all his evidence. All the travel arrangements were made and then the chief of staff called me and said, 'the congressman has no memory of promising or scheduling such a meeting.'  The problem is that I possess the entire email chain with the congressman's booking secretary and chief of staff confirming the meeting, the purpose of the meeting, the evidence that would be brought, and the travel arrangements that had been made. Yes - I will expose the cowardice of a congressman like that. It will happen soon."

"In addition," Gallups said, "We have been keeping a list of all the Representatives and Senators to whom correspondence has been sent and phone calls have been made asking for at least a hearing in this matter - from professional lawmen to our US Congressmen. Every one of these men and women raised their hands, took an oath, and swore before God to defend our constitution. In the face of the potentially biggest threat ever and in the face of tons of criminal investigation evidence to prove it - they looked the other way. The ones who have denied or ignored us  will be exposed as well. More than likely I will publish a list of all of those who have ignored this most monumental constitutional event in American history. They know who they are. They still have time to get on board this movement and do their duty. I pray they will."

Source: PPSIMMONS News

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RESHARE This has gone too far already, and is only the tip of the iceberg. It's only the beginning of credible officials speaking out about coverups and criminal activity committed within our government. If you don't believe it yet, you will in the near future. Can someone say the 'i' word?
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