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Jason De Arte
Just another self programming generational organic state machine
Just another self programming generational organic state machine


Wish I could remember the trick to calling System.Activator.CreateInstance(System.Type t) to get a non-null object of type t
..In Unity3D
+Vinnie Morrison, do you remember?

Google Wallet is the only iOS app that I have that gives me notifications for things I explicitly do.
>lock card
>enter pin to verify the lock
>wait for the spin to complete the lock
>card shows as locked in the UI
>close app
>observe there is an unread in-app notification for Google Wallet
>the notification states that the card is locked
WTF GoogleWallet team?

+Google Drive, please give me the option in the OSX app to specify and alternate drive/volume location.
I've got a limited size drive on my MacBook Air. It would help me a lot if I could have my "local" copy of google drive on my flush USB device

Nixon library is right down the street, if I wasn't so thrown off by DST - I'd be protesting his signing of the "Emergency Daylight Savings Time Energy Conservation Act of 1973".
Yea, yea the plumbers were a black mark..
But this DST thing is pure evil.

#golang  looks interesting - but what are the good IDEs for it? (OSX or Win).  Yes,  I've been spoiled by MS family IDEs + VisualAssist & I accept that. :-)  I can't imagine coding without an auto completing editor - it's not the 80's any more.

Trying, and failing, to find articles on how Google architected its authentication system. All I get is info on using cloud services and setting up google authenticator.

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Auto generated google+ movie of little Magenta's trip to a friend's birthday party.
The order is a little off (like putting on the climbing harness after climbing?), but still pretty cool

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WTF non-carbonated minute maid pink lemonade can

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fear juice

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