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Michael Fuselier
An Apple addict, and techie nutt.
An Apple addict, and techie nutt.

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I watched the Know How episode about turning an old phone into a security camera. So I bought a Motorola Droid X MB810. I installed AirDroid only Android 2.3.4 is apparently too old for the current version of AirDroid so that's problem 1. Then I tried to install a few motion detection apps, non of which were very good or responsive. In order to get the latest version of AirDroid working I need to root the phone and install a newer version of Android, but I am having trouble doing that. There are a ton of phone apps and pc apps that claim to be able to root the phone but my Antivirus software doesn't like most of them and the others don't seem to work. Suggestions on the safest way to root and upgrade my Droid X?

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June 7, 2012
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If you haven't come by to check out Hidden Treasures yet, please do so. Also, if you like us, please go to site below and +1 us, and Like us too. Thanks

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iCloud for Snow Leopard

I am an avid Mac user of over 23 years. I had a Lisa for goodness sakes.

I have had .Mac since it came out, and then had MobileMe too. In fact as it turns out, Apple created me two Apple Id's one, and one, which was never my intention. I assumed it was the same account since the username was the same, but I recently discovered it was not. Oh what fun.

Now I have run into another problem. iCloud and Snow Leopard. If you don't already know, Snow Leopard is not compatible with iCloud. Which wouldn't be a huge problem, except for the fact the my desktop is a Core Duo iMac, which is not compatible with Lion.

Well I made the mistake of not reading carefully enough about iCloud at Apple, (instead only reading features instead of info about upgrading from MobileMe), before I hastily upgraded my account to iCloud so I could use the new iCloud features on my iPhone and iPad, not realizing that my poor iMac would be stuck with out of date contacts and calendar information for ever.

Apple says there is no switching back to MobileMe once I upgraded to iCloud, and there is now way to get Lion or iCloud to run on my iMac so I am doomed to have to buy another iMac.

How about that for a big stinking mistake to make?

Who's think's Apple should make "AirPlay" have a "Handoff" mode?

So what is "Handoff," you say?

Well it's what I call the idea of playing something on an iPad or iPod Touch, or iPhone and then using Airplay to force the Apple TV to play it on it's on, instead of "tying up" your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and preventing you from using it for anything else while it plays.

When it is also possible to play directly onto an Apple TV if you had actually done a search for it, it should just "Handoff" a URL for the item and play directly on the AppleTV instead of tying up your other iDevice. Such items would be; a Netflix movie, a Youtube song, a shared song or movie from your Mac's iTunes library, a podcast, etc.

Anybody else like the idea of "AirPlay Handoff?"

It would be easy to do cosmetically, not sure about how easy it would be to do the coding. But when you click the icon to AirPlay something onto another device, it should give you two choices. One choice to just play the file like it does now, and the other to Handoff the file and make the device find it and play it on it's own, without tying up the device that did the handoff.

Any questions?

Why does Google search suck when shopping for products? It used to work, but now it always shows an extremely low price for the product your searching for, and there is no one in the list offering that price. Any product you search does this. Try it now. Search "skyrim," click "Shopping" under the "More" menu, and look at the $35 price, then scroll thru the list and see that the lowest price is more like $41.39. It doesn't seem like a big difference, but on higher priced items the difference is much larger.
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