So, we all joke about the Wikipedia donation banners with Jimmy Wales and whatnot...  When you really think about it, though, the amount of value created by Wikipedia is kind of ridiculous.  Everyone uses it.  I use it every day, and you probably do too.  Wikipedia alone has undoubtedly brought a significant boost to the world economy, by making people smarter and allowing them to work faster.  A central, high-quality repository of all the world's knowledge is about the most valuable thing someone could possibly create.  Yet they don't ask you to pay a cent, or look at a single ad, to use it.  And it's good that they don't, because who knows how many contributors would be deterred if they did, or how the content would end up tainted by advertisers, or how many people would find it out-of-reach if they had to pay.

I'm proud to renew my place on the Wikipedia Benefactors list this year, and I hope you will consider making a donation as well, no matter how large or small.
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