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Kenton Varda
The Cap'n Proto Guy (formerly The Protobuf Guy)
The Cap'n Proto Guy (formerly The Protobuf Guy)


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So I found out you can monkey-patch the Linux kernel, and I'm totally doing it to make my keyboard work the way I want.

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Sigh, Google always has to copy its competitors' worst ideas... (no headphone jack on Pixel 2)

Wayland is arriving and it breaks my hack for remapping my keyboard when ctrl is held.

Dear lazyplus, what is the best way to hook into the keyboard event stream in Linux and/or Wayland in order to rewrite events? In theory this should be easy but in practice I've failed to find an appropriate hook.

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No, it's not "throw". He's dual-wielding daggers while berserk. That's the crit animation. Yes he does that every turn:

Honestly this was the easiest boss battle in the entire game. Locke spammed X-Potions and Celes and Terra took a well-deserved nap.

This is Brave New World, an incredibly deep modification of Final Fantasy 6. This battle notwithstanding, it's generally a lot harder than the original, but also a lot more interesting.

Unlike in the original, the characters are far more balanced. Gau and Mog are no longer useless but actually pretty fun. Sabin and Cyan no longer outclass everyone else with their special skills.

Unlike the original, I found myself having to strategize before many boss fights, e.g. equipping the right kind of armor and relics to counter the particular boss, otherwise I'd get stomped.

Of course, there's also the fact that the original was a bug-ridden mess, but that's all been cleaned up.

After you beat the game, you get the password to unlock a rar file that contains documentation of everything they changed. It's really quite an impressive list and carefully thought out. (There's also a shorter -- though still long -- readme that you can and should read before playing, but many things you're supposed to learn about in-game.)

Highly recommended for anyone who grew up with FF6. Definitely worth another play-through, especially if you have time to kill on the train.
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I think The Economist has written my favorite takedown of the James Damore memo. It's my favorite because it targets and utterly demolishes the points the memo actually made, rather than some exaggerated caricature of it.

Yeah I totally just deleted some dude's Dropbox account.

He registered as tempo.ral at gmail, whereas I own temporal at gmail, and gmail ignores periods. So I got a notification when his dropbox was full. And then I reset his password and took over the account.

Deleted his whole damned porn collection, from the looks of it.

Why do people do this? And why do web services so often fail to verify e-mail addresses?

Dear web developers,

Do not override ctrl+F. I guarantee that your ctrl+F is worse than the built-in one and is just going to piss me off. Just don't do it.


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Someone claimed had been infected by malware, referring me to these "scan results". /facepalm

I just realized my subwoofer in the TV room was disconnected. No idea how long it's been that way but presumably a while.

As a result I'm going to have to play Horizon: Zero Dawn all over again.

There's just no way around it.
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