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Mike Burrell
Birder, naturalist, geek
Birder, naturalist, geek

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How to Batch Upload iNaturalist Observations to a particular Project
How to Batch Upload iNaturalist Observations to a particular Project – in this case, the Canada 150 – Canada Day Biodiversity Challenge . Prepared by Colin D. Jones. Step #1 – go to the relevant project page, in this case

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What to do with all of your non-bird sightings?
eBird has become the go-to source for bird information after what was at first slow buy-in from the birding community. There are a few hold-outs still in Ontario but it's a great example of how powerful a community can be when they are organized...virtually...

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Yard birding magic
It's been a long winter here in Peterborough...we got a taste of spring at the end of February, but since then it has been back to winter. And winter wasn't too exciting for birds since there was no real finch movement of any sort and feeder activity in gen...

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Birding Florida...with a baby
I've been really enjoying my seasonal hiatus as it has allowed me to be off for the last two months with Erica and Abby and it has been a great experience to see us all grow. Even more fun was the fact that we just got back from two weeks in Florida; a very...

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Dark morph Red-tailed Hawk in Ontario
There seems to be a lot more interest in Red-tailed Hawk subspecies in Ontario lately. This is obviously a good thing as it is great to see people taking an interest in what is our most commonly observed hawk and probably most variable species in southern O...

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My experience with Leica Customer “Service”
In early
March, while checking in to a hotel room, I was holding my Leica 10x42 Trinovid
BA binoculars (ca. 1991) on my hip with some other gear while I tried to open
the hotel room door. Unfortunately, during this process my binoculars fell the
~70 cm to t...

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Pelee pewee
Last week (May 8 to be exact) I was walking a footpath at Point Pelee National Park with my Mom (it was Mother's Day afterall!) when I heard a bird calling up ahead. It was fairly faint but I thought to myself that it kind of sounded like a Western Wood-Pew...

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A gaggle of geese!
Every spring and fall hundreds of thousands of Snow and Canada Geese pass through easternmost Ontario on their migrations between the Arctic and the east coast. The sights can be dizzying with so many geese in the air, especially for southern Ontarians who ...

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personal eBird milestones: complete barchart for my yard!
I was very excited to hit two eBird milestones this past month. The first (and least exciting) was to enter my 15,000th checklist: But the really fun milestone was to finally fill out my eBird barchart for my yard. Here's are a couple snapshots: Even though...
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