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Diving into the extraordinary
Diving into the extraordinary

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We create our voices through the fabric of our whole lives. Finding and standing in ones voice is the work of a lifetime, it is truly a work of artistry.Honor your heritage it makes up who you are.

Ritual #4-Annual rituals

Many organizations have parties or annual events, but how can you creatively celebrate your team’s longevity, success, resilience or growth in a new, creative ritual? Sharing stories of the mission of the organization, how the team has fulfilled some important goal or milestone, can be a powerful ritual that connects people to the work of the company as a whole.

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Seattle area women, there's still time to register for #realizeyourradiance on Saturday, May 9! I'm the keynoter!

Ritual Tip #3-Recognition and Reward

Too many organizations don’t take time to create any ritual around recognition and reward. I encourage my leaders to get creative about this.The important thing is always to be authentic and sincere in your recognition ritual. Create something replicable, too.

Ritual Tip #2-Beginnings and Endings rituals

Many organizations have ways that they “onboard” or “exit” employees, including orientation training or an exit interview, but there are other ritual opportunities for beginnings and endings that help honor these markings of time.

Take some time to identify the legacy they want to leave. Honor people and allow the ritual to show how significant one person’s work actually is.

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Ritual Tip #1- Morning rituals

One of my favorite poems is “Why I Wake Early,” by Mary Oliver.

I love the powerful last line, “watch, now, how I start the day/ in happiness, in kindness.” I think it’s very important for everyone, especially leaders, to imagine that each day is a do-over, an opportunity to begin anew. A morning ritual can help.

30 minutes is a realistic and reasonable timeframe to set aside for a morning ritual. What could you begin to help you focus and set the tone?

Can your business benefit from reviving or creating ritual?

Though we often associate ritual with a religious or sacred ceremony, we find ritual everywhere. A ritual is something we do in a prescribed manner to honor something important to us.

Over the next four days I am going to give you one example a day, of rituals that can enhance and strengthen your business:

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Exciting news! I'm speaking @ TEDxCPWomen on May 29. Let's create some #Momentum Join Me

We know that in order to create, innovate, and fulfill the mission of our work, we must regularly be ready “to abandon the shoes that brought [us] here,” to find a new path by letting go of a portion of the history we’ve created together.

Poetry, because of its ability to express the juxtaposition between the life of the spirit (intangible) and the life of the body (tangible), is one way to arrest our attention, to stop us in our tracks, where we can allow our intuition and knowing to rise to the surface.
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