Dear JetBrains Santa, 
I'd like to make a wish. But for everyone, not for me, because for me personally this wish have already came true.
I wish everyone involved in Java software development to discover the most fast, reliable, usable & convenient tool for development.
Tool that makes you more efficient and increases your productivity. Tool that allows you everything you want and even more. Tool that will guide you how to avoid mistakes from the very code-typing level to the version control system & deployment tasks.

This wish came true for me at the very moment I discovered IntelliJ IDEA 12. I can't say I felt something unusual... I just felt I was coding in IDEA for years! It was like meeting friend you hadn't seen for a long time - despite time and distance you had between, you both still understand each other almost without words. IDEA understood me without any troubles - I just pointed to my projects and started working. The only thing I changed was theme - I'd "joined the dark side".

The only thing I'd like to ask for me is a bit of magic. Christmas is the best time asking for magic, right?
I've already made the final decision of purchasing personal license for IDEA 12. 
Please, make this purchase special, add some magic to it, put some Christmas spirit in it, so I could be inspired by it every time I'll be starting IDEA for doing efficient & convenient software development.

Thanks a lot and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Best regards, 

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